Lived in Luxury: 1-900-Ice Cream
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Unstoppable Women: Kate and Dallas
Branded Content Web Series

CLIENT: Mishawaka Amphitheatre

Long Live the Mish
Mini Documentary


Make Life Better
Brand Anthem

CLIENT: Tuscan Fitness

Slimmer, Stronger, Happier
Web Commercial


Drink Ripe
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Integrity Comes First

Be Kind, Fun and Hustle
to Get it Done

Positively Embrace
the Challenge

Elevate Creative through Thoughtful Collaboration

Listen, Learn, and Serve with Gratitude

Driven to Deliver
Damn Good Work


We worked with Koi-Fly Creative to do two live-streamed events. One included a combination of live to tape and live interactive engagement with our audience. As we prepped for the event and during the broadcast days, the Koi-Fly wonderfully delivered a great experience for our audience and seamlessly worked with our internal creative and video team members. Couldn’t be more pleased with the experience and work produced, and would definitely recommend and use them again. Great work!



Their approach to storytelling, their ability to capture those truly special moments on camera and then really think about how and where and when and what to do with them, it’s really an unparalleled approach to video content creation.

Jen Gordon

Founder & CEO, Novel Plans

During every step of the production process – planning, filming editing – they were professional, prompt, and inspired. We are delighted with the final product and are sure it will engage the general public in our work of reuniting refugee families.

Kevin Meadowcroft

Director, International Rescue Committee, Baltimore Office

Their personal and energetic approach to working with clients is second to none, and their level of professionalism is truly remarkable. As a longtime video director I’ve worked with this team recently on small- and large-scale productions and they’ve crushed it… every single time.



Koi-Fly has been an amazing partner for us. We’ve had a relationship with their amazing team for a while, but their creativity, professionalism, and ability to deliver a high quality product delivered had never been more evident than during this pandemic. They have enabled us to create virtual events and communication videos that have been extremely valuable and well received. Koi-Fly is one of the best vendors we’ve ever been able to partner with!



Koi-Fly has produced our last 3 commercials that are currently running on networks across the country. I highly recommend this incredibly talented, creative, and professional team for your next TV, radio, or social media project.



They have been integral in developing my company’s image through their videography, social media expertise, and general knowledge of consumer behavior. I would recommend them to any company in need of either a one-time project or an ongoing strategic partner.



To communicate with our core consumers, millennials, who value 100% Traceability and Authenticity above all else, we knew we needed to partner with storytellers. We needed people who could help us visually define RIPE. So we hired Koi-Fly.

Michel Boissy

CEO, Freshbev/RIPE

I have worked with large creative firms from LA to New York and Europe and Koi-Fly Creative gives them all a run for their money. I was so impressed with the capabilities of Koi-Fly’s production team and the creativity and ingenuity that they were able to leverage for my effort. Amazing group of folks !




Director of Production, Dave Bisson, created 200+ live drawings to coincide with a speech given by Mobiquity’s CEO in their annual company retreat live stream.⁠⁠
To see how we used Mobiquity’s own stories to build our virtual event story, tap the link in our bio to view the full video!

We're proud of turning this Zoom call into a company-wide experience unlike any other. Interested in doing the same? Tune in tomorrow to see how Mobiquity Inc. hosted an unforgettable meeting that connected its' employees across the country. ...

Find new ways to engage your employees, even when remote! Check out our live stream case study with Mobiquity Inc. this Thursday to learn more. ...

A live graduation during a pandemic?! That was the innovative marketing team at Malvern Prep's dream and we're so happy they asked us to help stream it. Director of Content + Senior Video Director, @leslieschmidt_, walks us through the special graduation live stream event for seniors at @malvernprep. To view the full video, tap the link in our bio! ...

When you work with @malvernprep's brilliant marketing team, any live stream turns into a special moment. Tune in tomorrow to hear how to we helped the genius team at Malvern Prep bring their live stream graduation ideas to fruition.⁠

Interested in learning more about live streaming? You don't want to miss our brand new "Dream It, Stream It" series launching this Thursday! Get ready to learn how to transform your virtual event or live stream ideas into reality. ...

Incredible shot of a dark moment from "Squid Ink" with Cinematographer, @joegrasso.dp. The look and feel of "Squid Ink" was envisioned to be a comedic series that was funny but also had a dramatic feel. Joe's tireless work ethic lead him to get the perfect shots for this series. ⁠

Director: Alexander Reinhard ⁠
Writing Credits: Nick Maurer + Alexander Reinhard ⁠
Producer: Maxwell Morgan⁠
Executive Producer: Katherine Reinhard⁠
Line Producer: Dan Sinisi ⁠
Music: Jonathan Olmstead ⁠
Cinematographer: Joe Grasso ⁠
Film Editing: Alexander Reinhard ⁠
Casting: Alexander Reinhard ⁠
Art Direction: Danni Sinisi ⁠
Set Decoration: Danni Sinisi ⁠
Stunt Coordinator: Raw Leiba ⁠
Animator: Alexander Reinhard⁠
Location Manager: Maxwell Morgan⁠
Script Supervisor: Nick Maurer

"Joe is tapped into the world. He ingests visuals so effortlessly and somehow makes the most mundane the most captivating. If you have an idea, Joe will figure out how to rig it to get it and will work tirelessly to make sure that he got the shot, but got it perfectly. What I admire so much about Joe's visuals is the way he's able to capture so much more than the visual, he truly captures energy." - Leslie Schmidt, Director of Content | Senior Video Director ...

@joegrasso.dp and Philadelphia director, Patrick Mason, created and produced this short horror film titled "The Rickety Lady". Joe says they "wanted this to feel like a horror movie, but also keep the lighting relatively naturalistic and practical-driven.

To learn more about our creative team, visit the link in our bio now!⁠

Talent: Sam Mason⁠
Director: @patrick_m_mason
Director of Photography/Producer: Joe Grasso⁠
Gaffer: James Powers⁠
Field Sound Mixer: Max Morgan⁠
Sound Design: Zak DevRies⁠
Color Grade: Jason Druss CSI⁠
Ryan Moore: Score⁠
Micah Mason: Production Assistant⁠
Aidan Carter Guynes: Production Assistant⁠
Stanislav Puzdriak: VFX⁠
Jacob Schwartz: VFX⁠
Anthony Pilon: VFX

"Because we are made of what we've loved and lost." This tagline comes from an an experimental short film titled “Loss” filmed in Holbox, Mexico by @hectortapia.film.⁠

To learn more about our creative team, visit the link in our bio now!⁠

Co-Directed by: Hector Tapia Aguilar & Melanie De Reivich Silva ⁠
Main Role: Melanie De Reivich Silva ⁠
Cinematography: Hector Tapia Aguilar⁠
Editing: Hector Tapia Aguilar / Melanie De Reivich Silva⁠
Sound: Hector Tapia Aguilar⁠
Design: Hector Tapia Aguilar

"Hector is a very passionate DP who pays attention to the details and you can tell by his work. I can count on him...to make a scene look even more magical and have had the pleasure of working with him on over 30 projects. I couldn't ask for a better partner in the field." - Kyra Knox, Director | Producer ...

@hectortapia.film, talented Director and Cinematographer, captured this award winning shot while filming a short narrative docu-series titled "The Light Hunter" in Mexico. ⁠

"The Light Hunter is also a project that goes beyond a cinematic series, reaching the most hidden places of Mexico, portraying its people and landscapes with fresh eyes, a look of freedom to the new world we are facing these days."⁠

To learn more about our creative team, visit the link in our bio now!⁠

A Tigre Media production in collaboration with Maroma Content⁠
Directed by: Héctor Tapia Aguilar⁠
Actor and Photographer: Alejandro Sánchez Maldonado⁠
Cinematograpy: Héctor Tapia and Roberto Hernandez⁠
Drone Operators: Héctor Tapia | Alejandro Sanchez⁠
Executive Production: Melanie Silva | Silvia Aguilar Chavez⁠
Production Coordination: Cristina Díaz⁠
Gaffer: Peco Hernandez and Cayo Hernandez⁠
Co-Producer: Oscar Huerta⁠
VFX Maroma Content: Joel Hernández⁠
Color Correction: Silvia Tapia⁠
Editing and Sound Design: Héctor Tapia⁠
Special thanks: Volkswagen, Family Sánchez Díaz Guerrero, Yazmín Lerín, Pepe Lerin, Sofia Tapia Silva, Valeria Moreno, Patricia moreno, Hugo Tapia Aguilar⁠
To all the people of Hidalgo, Mexico who helped us on our journey.