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Unstoppable Women: Kate and Dallas
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CLIENT: Mishawaka Amphitheatre

Long Live the Mish
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Make Life Better
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CLIENT: Tuscan Fitness

Slimmer, Stronger, Happier
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Integrity Comes First

Be Kind, Fun and Hustle
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Positively Embrace
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Elevate Creative through Thoughtful Collaboration

Listen, Learn, and Serve with Gratitude

Driven to Deliver
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During every step of the production process – planning, filming editing – they were professional, prompt, and inspired. We are delighted with the final product and are sure it will engage the general public in our work of reuniting refugee families.

Kevin Meadowcroft

Director, International Rescue Committee, Baltimore Office

Their approach to storytelling, their ability to capture those truly special moments on camera and then really think about how and where and when and what to do with them, it’s really an unparalleled approach to video content creation.

Jen Gordon

Founder & CEO, Novel Plans

They are innovators, trendsetters, and progressive thinkers who helped us connect digital to all other aspects of our nonprofit and drive growth opportunities for both program and development.

Christine Cavalieri


What a great company to work with. The product exceeded my expectations, it’s fun to have a piece about my business be up for film awards!!!

Dani Grant


They created an extraordinary commercial that was a true reflection of the message I wanted to convey to prospective clients. I highly recommend Koi-Fly Creative Productions!



Koi-Fly has produced our last 3 commercials that are currently running on networks across the country. I highly recommend this incredibly talented, creative, and professional team for your next TV, radio, or social media project.



The hours spent filming, editing, creative brainstorming, climbing the beams, manning the drone, getting the perfect shot is true dedication to creating something akin to perfection! We could not be happier with the finished product and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Xoxo



Koi-Fly’s team brought our ideas to life. They were creative, helpful, and kind and helped us to better understand the production process, offering us an opportunity to ask questions and work together to create our videos. The videos have generated additional reach and likes on social media.

Trish Long

Marketing and Quality Improvement Coordinator, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery

To communicate with our core consumers, millennials, who value 100% Traceability and Authenticity above all else, we knew we needed to partner with storytellers. We needed people who could help us visually define RIPE. So we hired Koi-Fly.

Michel Boissy

CEO, Freshbev/RIPE


Father's day is a special time to reflect here at Koi-Fly Creative.⁠
Did you know that the name Koi-Fly was inspired by both of our founders' dads? Stacey's dad had an affinity toward his koi fish whom he treated as his own children and Eric's father designed helicopters.(Get it? Koi and Fly?).⁠
Stacey and Eric's fathers both passed away years ago but their guiding light still helps us navigate daily decisions at Koi-Fly Creative.⁠
We want to show you a video that we worked on with the International Rescue Committee to celebrate all fathers, especially those that have been separated from their children because of war and immigration.⁠
Just be warned, it's a tear-jerker.⁠
Click the link in bio and join Mawa this Father's Day for a beautiful and emotional reunion with his children after being separated because of war for almost a decade.⁠
#production #fathersday #love #hope #sickness #tears #hug #emotion #heart #meaningful #wish #red #reddigitalcinema #storiesthatmatter

This is a frame grab from a video that has a special place in our heart for multiple reasons [check out the full video in the link in our bio].⁠
1. State and self-imposed quarantine has made us appreciate that we each have a safe place to call home. There are so many people in our community that don't have that luxury. We created this video to support @covenanthousepa whose mission is to serve the homeless youth of PA.⁠
2. We created this pro-bono video though our Fresh Filmmakers program, a film and video mentorship initiative for disadvantaged high schoolers in our community.⁠
Our goal is to give young BIPOC opportunities they might not have otherwise and increase the diversity of our company and the industry as a whole.⁠
But the point isn't necessarily to have the Fresh Filmmakers fall in love with the film and video industry, it's to hopefully let them find an outlet for creative expression, a proven way to fight stress, fear, and anxiety.⁠
The FF crew did an amazing job with the production of this project from start to finish including:⁠

Storyboarding⁠ ✏️⁠
Budget⁠ing 💲⁠
Scripting 📄⁠
Shooting 🎬⁠
Interviewing 🎥⁠
Story Producing⁠ 💡⁠
Editing 🖥️⁠
We are so proud of our first Fresh Filmmakers group and can't wait for the next round!⁠

#freshfilmmakers #covenanthouse #phillyfilmmakers

What does it take to pull off a virtual graduation?⁠
It takes a few things, actually. It takes a talented team, must-have equipment, and a brilliant director. ⁠
But most importantly? It takes LISTENING.⁠
We've all done a bit extra listening the past couple weeks and we're telling you, it pays off.⁠
Listen to your client and their needs. Listen to your neighbor and their needs. Listen to your family and their needs.⁠
You'll find the answers if you just open your ears.⁠

This is a public service announcement: ⁠
T-minus 8 Days til #summer. ⁠
Even though we're opening up into phase yellow, make sure to still listen to what your community needs. Shop small and support your neighbor.

Koi-Fly Creative Founder + CEO Stacey Grant (@staceymgrant) goes LIVE with Caroline Campana (@csc39), educator and the Director of Workforce & Professional Development at @firstupearlyed.⁠
They speak candidly what working parents need to know about virtual learning and what life is going to look like when your children go back to school.⁠
RSVP NOW in the link in our bio! We're going live on Monday at 12:30!⁠
.⁠ #learning #school #training #kids #learn #parenting #students #teaching #nonprofit #teachersofinstagram #education #virtuallearning

It's all about location, location, location. ...

Reminiscing on this shoot with @livelifenice. ...

We've all had to get a little creative with our jobs nowadays and teachers are a prime example.⁠
Teachers who lead traditional subjects like science and math have been on the news for weeks now - but we haven't heard about how PE teachers are adapting during this pandemic.⁠
Click the link in bio to hear about how this PE teacher is getting creative during #covid19⁠
The Morning Cast is available on YouTube, Apple Podcast, or wherever you listen to your podcasts!

Now more than ever, our neighborhood businesses and non-profits need support to continue service, care, and all the incredible things they do. We, at Koi-Fly Creative, want to do our part for those organizations that already do so much for others.⁠
This summer, we're extending our services pro-bono to a non-profit organization or for-profit community supporter to develop a promotional video and marketing plan and boost their fundraising, public relations, or business goals. ⁠
If you work with or know a deserving non-profit or for-profit that supports its community during this time, we want you to nominate them for this opportunity!⁠
Click the link in bio to nominate an organization that's doing great things for our community and would benefit from a high-quality, professional video.⁠
Be sure to SHARE this post so we can get as many eyes as possible!⁠
Thank you, everyone, who took the time to read this and for your nominations! Stay safe!⁠
#nonprofit #video #videomarketing #community #volunteer #instagood #marketing #nonprofitmarketing #covid19 #coronavirus

What do you miss most about being on set? The gear? The creativity? The crafty?⁠
Comment below and let us know!⁠
Also - check out the link in bio for our top dos and don'ts for feeding a hungry crew on set! The last tip just might surprise you!⁠
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Have you listened to our first few episodes of The Morning Cast yet?!⁠
Click the link in bio to listen and follow! ⁠
Currently available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and wherever you listen to podcasts.⁠
We launched this podcast to explore the more unexpected aspects of leadership and we thought #NurseAppreciationWeek was an amazing place to start!⁠
Our first four episodes are dedicated to the brave nurses and techs fighting on the front lines of #COVID19.⁠
Ep 1: Molly, First Year ICU Nurse⁠
Not many first-year nurses have to go work through a global pandemic but Molly is taking it all in stride. Listen to her episode about how she deals with #coronavirus while also having an underlying condition herself.⁠
Ep 2: Nicole, Emergency Room Nurse⁠
Nicole has been a #nurse through outbreaks in the past (like Ebola) and she says that taking care of your mental health is one of the best things you can do right now. Check out her episode below!⁠
Ep. 3: Paula, X-Ray Tech⁠
Paula is an X-Ray tech at a community hospital in New Jersey and performs COVID-19 X-Ray tests daily. Paula discusses the challenges of being on the front lines of this pandemic but also has an incredible story of hope that will make your day.⁠
Ep. 4: Deb, Urgent Care Nurse⁠
Deb is a nurse working with COVID-19 patients in urgent care and testing sites. Even though she's on the front lines, she has a slightly different outlook on this pandemic than our other guests. Check out her interview below!