The business and marketing world is constantly changing and in 2020, it is growing more virtual every day. Adaption is necessary to stay ahead of the curve to promote your meetings, events, products, and services efficiently and effectively.

With more people staying home and video stream consumption increasing, professional live streaming is an obvious next step for your brand.  When you’re ready, we want to help! Until then, let’s talk about our Top 10 reasons to Live Stream in 2020. 

Our Top 10 Reasons to Live Stream

 1. Live Stream is NOT Cancelled

2020 may feel cancelled, but with live streaming, the show (or act or meeting or whatever) can go on! Even when things “get back to normal” large scale events and travel will be different and the desire to attend events virtually will continue to grow. Don’t be last to live stream, it’s not going away. 

2. The New Way to Consume Video Content

The live video market is rapidly growing. Live streaming has increased upward of 47% in the last year. Live video is even outgrowing previously created, on-demand content. Shifting your content to a live platform will give you new tools to increase your audience engagement.

3. It’s Immediate

Streaming is easily accessible and one of the quickest ways to talk to an audience on the internet. Since smart devices are the most widely used source of communication, streams can be accessed wherever and whenever. Your audience is likely already familiar with social media platforms and is able to give instant feedback and engagement through comments, likes, and shares.

4. Expand your Reach

Social media platforms favor live content and generate larger audiences through the platform’s algorithm. Koi-Fly live stream client videos are promoted by these platforms to viewers and can help notify your targeted audience when you are “going live.” Increasing visibility improves brand awareness and encourages customer engagement. 

5. Humanize your Company

Offering a live stream of an event helps create a relationship with the viewer, naturally.  The “live” aspect brings a human element to the content – the fact that it’s not polished inherently makes it relatable. Today’s consumer wants that connection, transparency and a look behind the scenes. This can be done by allowing the audience to see your office, team, product, or event in real-time which strengthens your relationship to the audience. 

6. Increase Attendance 

People have access to the internet anywhere. If people can access an event online that they wanted to attend in person, they will often try to engage in real time online for a similar experience. Live stream makes your potential audience GLOBAL. People who live stream an event online are far more likely to purchase a ticket to attend it in person in the future. 

7. Natural Extension of Video Marketing

Video marketing is already an important marketing tool and it isn’t going anywhere soon. Live streaming is an extension of video marketing that is more interactive and engaging for the audience. Koi-Fly Live footage can also be reused and repurposed for future social media posts, marketing, and other branding.

8. Continue Engagement After the Event

Koi-Fly live video is made available to you after the live event and posted on social media channels of your choice – allowing additional people to engage with the content. Anyone who missed the event can watch and those who attended can re-watch or share it with minimal effort! 

9. Cost-Effective

Anyone capturing live stream footage should set a goal to use some of that footage in future online advertising. It’s a no-brainer and cost effective. But did you know capturing the footage can be cost effective too? 

With live streaming, viewers expect a professional look but they aren’t expecting it to be as high quality as a commercial like our commercial for RIPE below.  Using techniques like virtual production, Koi-Fly Live is able to keep costs to be kept down while delivering an engaging, high quality product.


10. Height of Quality

Streaming platforms now use 720p or 1080p as their auto format setting, which is considered high quality to an average viewer. Even if you are using a smartphone or webcam the video quality will still look good. Network bandwidth has also tripled since 2011 for the average person. This means streaming will be faster and less likely to glitch, especially if you have an Ethernet connection.

As virtual marketing is a rapidly growing industry, keeping up with the trends is important for success. Live streaming is the future of video content and marketing and is only going to keep growing.

For more information about Koi-Fly Live streaming solutions please contact us.


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