Live Stream Graduation at Malvern Prep

April 27, 2021

Using live stream to bring high school graduation to everyone at home.

Early into the COVID lockdown Malvern Preparatory School reached out to us for help keeping some of their school traditions alive. Everything was cancelled, but the school still wanted to ensure they could make their seniors feel special. Malvern’s marketing team came up with the idea to have all the seniors drive around the ring of their school, which is essentially the perimeter of the campus, and have each senior decorate their car. So they brought us in to make the whole day even more memorable.

Live stream graduation drone footage

We recognized the importance of the day and thought about how to make it extra special.

Malvern Prep stationed different administrators and staff with balloons and decorations all around the ring, so the kids felt uber special all day long. Leslie Schmidt, Koi-Fly’s Director of Content, immediately dug into her live TV background and started thinking “How can we get a camera here and this camera here?” So we brought in our partner, Keystone Pictures, to figure out how we could get camera coverage all around this space. When we found out we only had enough cable for six spots along the live stream graduation path, we had to get creative, so we bought in our drone.

Malvern Prep live stream graduation

We supplemented our live stream graduation drone strategy with in-the-moment user generated content.

We launched the drone and then came up with another fun engagement angle, where we stationed a Koi-Fly team member at one of the stops on the ring, and pulled in students as they were about to exit and then threw to that live content during the livestream, so people could watch from home. Malvern Prep loved this idea so much and plans to implement it as a tradition for many more years to come.

Car ring at live stream graduation

We captured their special day so they’ll be able to revisit it forever.

Malvern’s dream was to create an experience for their senior class that was something they’d never done before, but still made them feel special despite the circumstances. We were able to answer that dream by getting full coverage of the event and capturing footage that the seniors and families can look back on for the rest of their lives. “Everybody that was involved in the project from the Malvern Prep team to the Koi-Fly team approached this with so much heart, love, care and attention to detail,” said Leslie, “Plus it was really important to them to make sure the seniors had a special time.” We believe everyone should understand live streaming since it isn’t going away any time soon. It’s become essential to the sales experience, because it brings the event right to you when you can’t travel. “In fact,” Leslie states, “I think it’s going to be one of the mediums within this whole production bubble that’s really going to skyrocket and take off.”

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