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April 28, 2021



Engaging employees from all over the world in a virtual company event.

Mobiquity always puts technology first when building digital experiences for their clients, so when they asked us for help with their annual company retreat on Amelia Island in Florida, we knew that our tech skills would mean everything. They wanted to create an experience unlike any other zoom call they’d had before, and help the employees and CEO feel connected and engaged, despite being all across the world. We wanted to make sure all the employees still felt a sense of togetherness, and make something original that no one had ever seen before.

Virtual Corporate Retreat Screenshot


We created live drawings to coincide with the speech given by Mobiquity’s CEO. 

While Koi-Fly’s Dave Bisson is our Director of Production, he was also the incredible talent behind these live drawings. Our team came up with the idea in our very own remote group brainstorm, and then volunteered Dave to literally make the idea come to life. Little did he know that required him to create 200 original drawings in just three days, almost losing a hand and a bit of his sanity in the process. (It’s no joke when we say Koi-Fly will give blood, sweat, and tears to make an event perfect!)

Virtual Company Event Presentation


We used Mobiquity’s own stories to build our virtual event story.

In addition to the drawings, we were able to spice the virtual retreat up by including some fun footage that they captured earlier in the year, like behind the scene bloopers that showed people in a fun light and prompted laughs from around the world.


We empowered Mobiquity’s employees to participate in the virtual company event from anywhere.

We prompted questions to be answered in the chat throughout the day, so they could talk to each other and even throw inside jokes back and forth. Dave also proactively found keywords in the CEO’s speech that were attributed to certain individuals and created a visual representation to keep employees engaged all day long.

Our event really helped Mobiquity’s employees feel a real sense of togetherness for the first time in a long time, since they’d all been apart for most of 2020. “These events and conferences are very important for not only efficiency, but also for morale within any company dedicated to its employees,” according to Dave. “People should understand the benefits of livestream, because it’s not going away anytime soon.The possibilities are truly endless.”

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