Virtual Cooking Show – A Live Streaming Event

April 29, 2021



Cooking Together Can Happen From Anywhere

If we’ve learned one thing this year, it’s that we all need to pivot during the global pandemic and create new ways to execute events we’ve come to love. Pre-covid, our friends at Malvern Prep always hosted wonderful fundraising events and brought us the challenge of hosting a virtual fundraising event designed to engage donors and support their ongoing development goals for the year.

The Koi-Fly team jumped at the idea of producing a virtual event and set out to host a live stream cooking show that would keep participants engaged and intrigued throughout the entire event. So, Koi-Fly got cooking.

Live Streaming Virtual Event


We figured out a creative way to make masks cool on camera.

First, we had to figure out how to approach a cooking show where the talent would wear face masks. The key to any event is being able to see facial expressions, so we had to think outside of the box a bit to make this look cool, and not seem too awkward. We used camera angles to highlight the food instead of their faces, getting the viewer right in there to see what was happening in the pan. And we even had a celebrity Bri Kozior chef cooking along, to raise the event to an even higher level, and create buzz around the event that would help with fundraising.

Malvern Prep Virtual Cooking Show


We found interactive ways to engage our audiences straight from their own kitchens.

We used blue light to keep in line with Malvern Prep’s branding and set up a fun chat room so all the participants could feel like they were cooking together. The audience loved the interactive part of this live stream so much and began sending us selfies out of nowhere!! Whenever we went to a break everyone would share their selfies with their food and glasses of wine. What a way to deliver on the fun and engaging momentum Malvern Prep had originally hoped for with this event!

Virtual Cooking Fundraiser for local school


We proved fundraising outcomes can come from anywhere.

In the times of COVID-19, creating and hosting events has become so challenging, and many organizations have stayed away because they don’t understand how it works, or how easy it can be. Malvern Prep took a chance and ultimately exceeded their fundraising goals because of our unique event, and did so by making all their participants feel like they were in the same room, cooking together.


Once the world opens back up, it’ll be nice to be able to give audiences the option to attend in person or even stay home and tap in virtually, so they don’t have to worry about traffic or crowds of people getting too close for comfort. In the meantime, it’s comforting to know live streaming can work seamlessly to make any event a big event, and any big event a huge success.

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