Virtual Global Leadership Summit – A Livestream Event

April 29, 2021


Creating All the Razzle Dazzle with Avantor’s Livestream Event

In late 2020, Avantor came to us for help on how to turn their annual global leadership summit, which was usually held in Texas, into an engaging online experience while the world was in quarantine. The yearly event is usually attended by participants from 15 different countries in 35 different time zones, and the potential for technical challenges was obviously on our minds from minute one, so we jumped right in from the get go.

Virtual Global Leadership Event


We essentially became an extended branch of their company.

We knew Avantor’s dream for this session was to make it as impactful and collaborative as possible. By partnering with Avantor’s small in-house production team, we worked hand in hand with the brand’s internal team and produced a series of pre-recorded videos that would play during summit breaks. We also organized training with Avantor’s executive team to prepare them for any live segments, and to make sure everyone was prepared with the tools to troubleshoot, if need be.

“We really dedicated ourselves to the success of the event just as we would our own internal event,” says Dan Weidel, Director of Strategic Initiatives. “We were able to produce this both on site at their global headquarters as well as purely remotely, so after we had a couple days under our belts interacting with their small team in the office, we were able to do the whole next week completely remotely.”


We educated everyone at Avantor about how to stay connected beforehand, to alleviate the potential for technology disruption.

To avoid the risk of connectivity issues, we reiterated time after time to the participants that they needed to be connected to an ethernet cable, so they wouldn’t have to rely on often unreliable wifi. We were able to address all those possible issues before the event went live, so the actual stream could go without a hitch.

Engaging Corporate Livestream Event


We made sure there was a key contact on our end, so Avantor always felt in control of their livestream event.

Dan also helped head this livestream event. “We put the Koi-Fly razzle dazzle on this by making sure it wasn’t just a one-sided live stream. We made sure we had different videos that seamlessly broke up content, created custom graphics and used music to keep things moving. We had multiple participants on screen and came up with lots of different ways for the speakers to engage with the folks that were actually attending.”

Koi-Fly Creative Live Stream Case Study


Understanding livestream events and the benefits they can provide is only becoming more and more paramount for companies. This medium embodies the duality Koi-Fly can achieve: taking advantage of the safety of virtual production without sacrificing a percentage of the production value.

Here at Koi-Fly we know there are many new and unique ways to satisfy the engagement and participation KPIs at the core of successful businesses. Whether you’re connecting internally with your leadership group or connecting directly with your customer, there’s not always going to be an in-person option moving forward, which is why leveraging an experienced team like ours can take you to the next level. As Dan always says, “Don’t just limit yourself to what you did in house or in person before. Think outside the box and we can make it happen.”

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