Why Your Company Needs a Brand Anthem

May 10, 2021

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What the heck is a brand anthem?

An anthem is defined as a song that represents the ideals of a group of people (think the Star Spangled Banner or Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’). In recent years that definition has been applied to video content as well as music. More and more companies have been utilizing video anthems as a means to connect with their current and prospective customers while giving them a sense of loyalty to and pride in their brand. While a commercial is designed to sell, a brand anthem is meant to inspire and connect.


How to create a video anthem


Showcase your core values and bring your mission statement to life

A brand anthem should focus on who you are as a company rather than what you are selling. ‘But Dave’, you ask, ‘if we’re spending money on a video, shouldn’t we want to focus on driving sales?’. Please don’t interrupt me again, I’m getting there. A brand anthem is a great opportunity for you to explain why you do what you do. Your brand anthem can be used to bring clarity around your purpose and values for investors, potential partners, and employees.


Why you need a business video anthem


Start a conversation with your brand anthem

The best brand anthems will evoke emotion from the viewers. By pairing powerful imagery with the right music, you will not only connect with viewers but will also keep your company fresh on their minds. Focus on the message you as a company want to convey. A well written voiceover or on-screen copy can be used to humanize your company, which can lead to a more personal and genuine relationship with your client.


Why you need branded video


Connect to a wider audience

A brand anthem that evokes universal emotion and strong messaging has the potential to go viral. Seriously, check out some of the amazing anthems from these companies and tell me you wouldn’t click the like button. If people can relate to the message and imagery they will feel compelled to share it with their network. It can generate interest in your company and connect you with new customers and potential employees who share the values you have showcased in your video.



Create something timeless 

By focusing on company values rather than specific deliverables, you’ve created something that can live on your website, social media platforms, or YouTube channel that can be used for years to come. It’s a universal and evergreen tool that can be utilized for client acquisition, on-boarding, presentations or boosting employee morale.


So, what’s the takeaway? 

Sell who you are. Get yourself a brand anthem from the people who do it best.

Interested in a brand anthem? Contact us or email info@koi-fly.com

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