How Live Streaming Can Benefit Your Company

May 12, 2021

Why Choose Koi-Fly Creative


The Benefits of Live Streaming


With the importance for companies to truly understand all of the benefits of live streaming, we decided to create our ‘Dream It, Stream It’ series. Live stream has taken the production industry by storm and has allowed huge events to take place virtually that were on the brink of being cancelled only because they couldn’t be held in person. Seriously, live stream helped companies thrive in a time of uncertainty. And it’s not going away any time soon! 


The benefits of live streaming an event


Why Choose Koi-Fly-Creative


From the beginning of the pandemic, we challenged ourselves to master the ins and outs of live streams and share our skills with the world. Our Associate Producer, Erin Versaggi, says live streaming is “going to be a part of our future, whether there is a pandemic or not. It’s super exciting to be engaging but safe. You’re interacting with people from all over the world so it’s important that people aren’t afraid of it and really learn to embrace it.” 


Benefits of live streaming for your company


Making the Benefits of Live Streaming More Accessible


Although live stream seems like a brand new tool that has just recently been introduced, it really has been here all along! It truly is no different than what people see on the news or what is happening now on MSNBC, CNN or Fox News. It’s really the same thing, just toned down a bit. Our goal is to make this technology more accessible to small businesses and organizations, who might not know the possibilities available to them for livestream. Want to know the best part? We can do that here at Koi-Fly! As our campaign hints at, if you can dream it, we most certainly can live stream it. 


Koi-Fly Creative Drone Footage


What Sets Koi-Fly Creative Apart


We’ve had a lovely time over the past month showing you a glimpse of all that live stream can do and what we are capable of here at Koi-Fly. So why Koi-Fly? When it comes to live stream, Koi-Fly has a different attitude. Founder and CEO, Stacey Grant says, “We don’t say ‘Oh darn we can’t do that in person event. Oh well, second choice, plan B, plan C.’ We’ll do a livestream. We’ll do a virtual event. For us, we think this is an amazing and different way to reach audiences, potentially all over the world.” 


Koi-Fly Creative Live Streaming Services


Live Streaming Work that Speaks For Itself


Live streaming can be an experience as unique and with the same sense of togetherness as in person events. From schools to tech companies, Koi-Fly has strived to create personalized experiences for everyone involved using our crew’s years of experience in production. Senior Marketing Coordinator, Michaela Keating, hit the nail on the head when speaking to this campaign. “The Dream It Stream It campaign is going to showcase that we are up for a new challenge when it comes to live streaming. I think it’s really cool that people are going to see how unique and different we are and how on top of it we already are.” To learn more about our live stream services, visit our case studies ! From virtual corporate retreats to live streamed high-school musicals, we make magic happen.


Koi-Fly Creative Live Streaming Set-UpLive Steaming Case Study


Interested in working with us? Reach out and let us make your live stream dreams a reality.

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