3 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From A Brand Refresh

June 22, 2021

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With the world getting back to normal, now is the perfect time to refresh your brand. 


You may have not pulled the trigger on a brand refresh in the past because you believed it would be wrought with copious amounts of decision making around your brand messaging and months of internal strategy. 


Well, redefining your brand can be as in depth as you need it to be. Sometimes a tiered process for deeper branding work or a quick makeover for consistent style and color ways is all that is necessary. 


Refreshing your brand can be daunting, but not everything has to be updated at once! Break up your rebrand effort into phases. Phase one may be the new look and feel via new brand guidelines. Phase two may focus on updating client-facing materials. Then dedicate phase three to updating internal materials. 

– Dan, Director of Strategic Initiatives


For us at Koi-Fly, it started with a 90 minute meeting around our company values. They had to be right from the get-go. 


When we all came together to decide what we truly value as a team, it seemed the Koi-Fly brand no longer accurately represented our compassion, our strength, our resilience, and ultimately our creative work. After doing some internal brand strategy work to redefine our brand identity, we were able to update our brand story to more accurately represent our core values, evolve our logo design and ultimately (and the biggest undertaking) revamp our website experience. 


A brand refresh will give you the opportunity to accurately tell your updated brand story and, trust us, the benefits are well worth making the update. Check out some tried and true hints below to refresh your company’s brand painlessly for successful messaging and attractive, consistent style that will bring your raving fans directly to your door; ready for business.



Build Brand Equity


With a truly high caliber of work, it was so important that our new website reflected what we are capable of. Having strong and consistent branding not only accurately represents who we are as a company and puts our best foot forward, it builds brand equity and makes us more credible and trustworthy in the eyes of our audience.  

 – Brittany, Web Designer + Creative Marketing


Brand equity creates a cohesive creative & communication strategy and positive experiences continuously enticing and attracting consumers to your brand. It will separate you from your competitors, creating a path to customer loyalty and ambassadorship. Overall it will bring you the golden trophy: positive ROI.


The How:

1. Revisit your mission and vision and values setting the tone for your refreshed creative / communication strategy.

2. Start with an internal team meeting digging into everyone’s vision for how the company should look and feel. Have each invitee create a Stylescape. (See below)

3. Create a thorough brand style guide. Work through everything from color palettes to brand fonts, mood boards and templates.

4. Continue to build brand awareness through consistent communication to your internal team and your audience.

5. Create a consistent visual style experience across your network, from community management on social to direct client communication (emails, SMS engagement, newsletter, etc.) and everything in between. We even changed our email signatures to reflect our new branding.

6. Properly communicate the origin story and the ‘why’ of your brand through the visuals and messaging you show to the world. You want to help your audiences feel connected to your brand.


Brand Refresh

Slide from our refreshed brand style guide, January 2021.


Your Internal Team Are Raving Fans


There is definitely something to be said about a company who has super cool and consistent branding. When you lock in on branding that accurately reflects your company, mission, team members and goals –– magic happens. The Koi-Fly crew has such a deep love for what they do and where they work already, but this new branding has really unified us in the best way .

– Michaela, Senior Marketing Coordinator


A brand refresh will re-invigorate your team, and give everyone a new sense of pride in your company. In order to create external fans, it is essential to have internal fans first. Make work worth sharing and share the work including shoutouts to your in house crew.


How To Do It:

1. Keep your team in the loop, and make them aware of the changes being made (Note: not everyone should be involved in the decisions, but everyone should be aware of the changes).

2. Encourage your team to speak out and explore other facets of the brand. Those involved should gain an understanding of what each team is actively working on.

3. Include your team in building an understanding of your brand –– ask for quotes, ask for interpretations, ask about day-to-day experience.


Brand Identity

Slide from our “Koi-Fly is not” section of our brand guidelines, January 2021.


Who Are You… Really.


As a company matures, its product and portfolio grows and evolves. While you are, of course, proud of the work you have produced in the past, you will need to set up a platform to support the work you will do moving forward. When evolving your brand, it’s important to make sure your story evolves, too.


How To Do It:

1. Use the brand refresh as an opportunity to update your website, pitch decks, social profiles and content with the work or product you are currently producing.

2. Create, capture, and use your own visuals to represent your work. You’ll want to curate content and make sure it’s represented well across your marketing ecosystem.

3. Strengthen your authentic and uniform brand voice so you represent your company clearly and accurately.


Brand Stylescape

Slide from our “Tone of Voice” section of our brand guidelines, January 2021.


Your Story Starts Here


Nobody wants to be sold to. But everyone loves a good story.


If you’re ready to change things up, our team of experts can help you put a plan in place. First, our marketing team at Koi-Fly will work with you to identify your greatest pain points and update your storytelling. We can help you transform your company branding to better represent who you are, where you are going, and what you value. After that, it’s on to the creative!

Want to take your brand to the next level? Let’s chat.

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