4 Reasons Your Brand Needs Consumer Personas

August 17, 2021

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A “consumer persona” is a marketing buzzword that people love to throw around, but understanding your customers is integral to planning a market strategy and writing a messaging strategy that speaks directly to your customers. Understanding your brand’s consumer behaviors and daily journey will help create an incredible user experience, allow for smarter marketing decisions, and ultimately lead your brand to a successful ROI.



So, what exactly is a consumer persona and where does it come from?


Consumer personas are representative users whose characteristics, behaviors, goals, and experiences reflect the needs of a greater group of potential clients. These personas are created based on market research and qualitative data related to existing customers.


Creating an accurate, well-represented consumer persona requires proper market research. Whether it’s primary research, coming from a brand study or secondary research –– this data and information will help paint a more clear picture of the audience your brand is targeting. A lot of secondary research can be done by scouring the internet (as opposed to paying for a primary study) –– either way it can be done well, even when you don’t have the resources to pay high prices for a brand study.


These personal profiles can get pretty granular –– so check out an example we use at Koi-Fly:


Consumer Personas Marketing


And why does your brand need customer personas?


1. Consumer personas help you create messaging that can connect people to your brand.

You want to be able to easily answer the question: who are we designing this for? And the cool thing is  –– consumer personas allow you to identify those people so you can make clear decisions as you  create your brand experiences and design marketing materials around this persona. 


2. Consumer personas can lead to a company-wide understanding of your target audience.

If a company doesn’t have a unified understanding of its consumer –– well, it could be grounds for disaster. For a team to achieve success, you want to make sure everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction.


We suggest a company-wide huddle to have a deep and inclusive discussion around your consumer personas. This gives everyone the opportunity to get involved in the conversation and develop a greater understanding of your target audience. It’s also extremely fun to make these profiles, too!


A few tips for sharing with a broader team:

  • Opening this conversation up to a larger team, it may be difficult to get everyone on the same page
  • You’ll want to get buy-in from your key internal stakeholders and then you can socialize those ideas, audiences, and strategies to the team at large


3. Consumer personas allow you to put a “face” to your audience.


Adding a “face to the name” helps create empathy and understanding for the person you’re marketing to. Providing details like age, occupation, location, status, and so much more (refer to our provided example above!) will be essential in creating your target audience. It’s important to make sure you are tailoring marketing efforts to this specific consumer’s needs (and not your own personal needs). That’s the beauty of identifying these personas before you start creative – it allows your team to step into the shoes of your audience, so you can understand their specific behaviors and needs and then provide messaging that resonates  Understanding the customer journey is crucial to creating a loyal customer base who could eventually help you bring others into the marketing funnel through their ambassadorship.


4. Point blank –– consumer personas are essential when developing your marketing content and advertising campaigns.

Your personas are  fundamental to marketing because without knowing and understanding them, you won’t be able to directly target your audience. You want to make sure the message is resonating –– and by creating these consumer personas, you will be sure to hit the nail on the head and allow customers to create necessary connections to your content.


How can Koi-Fly help?


Our team of Content Strategists can help your brand understand its audience through our 3-step discovery process. We’ll  build out a strategy that connects you with your target audience, help you choose a specific segment within your target market, tailor your messaging so it resonates with them, and then deliver a marketing strategy that  works best for you and your company. In doing so, your team will better be able to invest and strategize your future marketing decisions.


Ready Now?


Did you know we recently opened Main Line Studios –– a creative space where you  can deepen the connection to your consumer personas, through your very own content creation. Whether you’re shooting influencer videos for your loyal customers or how-to videos for your late adopters, you can rent  the studio to create content. From product shots to influencer photo shoots, and so much more. We can help you get really creative (it’s what we do).


Let’s connect.

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