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November 8, 2021

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We’ve all done it. We’ve all watched TV, while we used our laptop to check our email, and simultaneously scrolled through Twitter on our phone. And if you haven’t –– well, that’s miraculous okay.


The odds are, while you’re scrolling and browsing, you’ll probably find the same video content presented in various ways across multiple screens and platforms. That’s multi-platform engagement and today –– that’s the name of the game. 


Investing in high-quality video can be extremely beneficial for your company. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most value from this content –– and statistically, most of that value will be driven by your mobile-friendly content. 


How do you optimize a video for mobile? 


Mobile Optimization:

People are consuming tons of content daily from their mobile device –– and mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. Over 75% of views on your videos will come from people using their mobile devices and 92% of those viewers will share that content with others. Because of this, your videos will need to be properly optimized in order to create the greatest impact. 


Helpful Tips to Optimize Your Videos for Mobile Devices:

  • Keep in mind those who are watching videos without sound. 

Using graphics and subtitles will help to make sure your message can still be conveyed while the video is muted. You also want to make sure your videos are accessible for the millions of Americans who are hearing impaired.

  • Create an eye-catching video thumbnail (not the random one Youtube will choose for you).

People will judge a video by its cover, and if your video doesn’t look interesting based on the thumbnail –– they’re not going to watch it. 

  • Consider the aspect ratios for your videos and the various platforms you will share on.

Each platform requires different aspect ratios. Aspect ratio simply means the width and height of your video. Make sure you do the appropriate research and keep this in mind when sharing videos for mobile viewing.

  • Videos under two minutes long will get the most engagement.



How can a video production company, like Koi-Fly, help me with mobile optimization? 


Here at Koi-Fly, we understand that optimizing your video content for mobile can be daunting. When you work us, you’ll have access to a passionate team of creatives who are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Not only will the team film, edit, and produce incredible videos –– but we can also help to appropriately optimize your content so you can ensure that it will be easily shared with your target audience.


Ready to chat?

Click here to get started on elevating your brand through incredible storytelling using video –– and optimizing that content.

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