4 Ways To Boost Your Engagement on Social Media In 2022

December 6, 2021

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As social media grows and evolves –– we continue to see authentic content engagement as the most valuable currency when marketing to consumers. Engagement has become crucial in helping your brand drive conversions and build loyalty.


When people interact with your content on social media there’s a lot of different ways they can engage, including  likes/favorites, mentions, comments, DM (direct messages), replies, clicks, shares/retweets, and saves. So, what’s all the fuss?


  • A smart social strategy helps us detect the connection (or lack thereof) an audience has with our brand
  • We can use social media to build stronger relationships with our audience and create raving fans
  • The higher the engagement on a post, the greater the reach of the post (i.e. more people see the post)
  • Social media provides an outlet to showcase and reinforce your brand image, message and values



Here are 4 tips to help you boost your social media engagement:


1. Use an authentic voice across all of your platforms


Authenticity promotes connection. For any consumer, they want to fully trust a brand and develop a deeper relationship that goes way beyond a one-time purchase.


Your brand’s voice should help humanize the brand and lead followers and customers to feel connected, embraced, and ultimately loyal to the brand. This will become evident in your following and, of course, your engagement.


2. Embrace your community


One of the coolest aspects of social media is the community –– we now have a way to connect and find people and brands who share our values, passions, headaches, and more. Social media allows you to not only join communities––  but also create your own!


Embrace it –– respond to comments, reply to DMs, ask questions, follow similar brands, and like relevant posts. Engaging in these ways helps a customer feel more connected to your brand and as a result, more loyal.


3. Add Imagery and Video


Creating unique content will help you establish a brand voice and then build brand equity from there. Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images or video, so make sure you’re putting in the time to create posts that will catch someone’s eye.


Use this content as an opportunity to educate, entertain, engage, and inspire your audience –– but not all at once (hello, Marketing 101).


When selecting imagery or video, we suggest putting yourself in the shoes of your customer persona and asking: “would I engage with this post?”


4. Stay consistent with your posts


Consistency is key!

No, but seriously –– remaining consistent with your social posts keeps your followers engaged with your content and ideally passing it on. Having trouble keeping up with posts? You can try using a scheduling tool. Tools like Hootesuite and  Later help schedule posts on multiple platforms at the same time. These tools are beneficial and intuitive, and definitely help to make consistent posting a reality.


Social Media Engagement


How Koi-Fly’s Marketing Team Can Help Your Marketing Team Boost Engagement on Social Media


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