How Social Media Marketing Expanded the Reach of a Local Legacy Brand

December 6, 2021

Bringing a Local Legacy Brand to Grillers Everywhere


For Weaver’s of Wellsville smoked meat products, flavor really is everything. With products already in over 100 retail stores throughout PA, from Giant Food Stores to Weis Markets, the 130 year-old meat brand was ready to expand their reach through social media marketing, and find new customers looking for everything from smoked sausage to sweet beef sticks to beer flavored bratwurst. 


Koi-Fly Social Media Marketing Case Study


We dug deep into their audience and used those qualitative insights to build personas.

For every brand looking to expand their audience there will always be two distinct audience groups: current customers and aspirational customers. From Ron Swanson type grillers to Eagles tailgaters to recreational hunters, we had our existing audience nailed down. So the challenge was to bring in a new audience including moms in charge of family meals, as well as nature lovers & craft beer / wine aficionados. 


We built a messaging strategy that would speak to all our customers.

We made sure our tone of voice could attract both customers and retail storefronts, knowing that their push-pull dynamic had potential to create more demand that would eventually require an even bigger footprint for wholesale distribution.  


We created a content strategy that would guide all creative on all platforms.

From product giveaways on Instagram to recipes on Facebook, we curated a library of product shots that would speak to each of our new personas and a branded video that could be cut down to shorter, more digestible content throughout the flight.  We also engaged Weaver’s existing fan base with original family photos that spoke to the company’s evolution from just meat to all kinds of meat and cheese, too.


We mixed organic posts with targeted paid ad campaigns to target all our customers.

By complementing our organic social with paid ad buys, we were able to talk to both our existing customers and our aspirational audiences through media like Connected TV, Geo-Fencing campaigns and digital display advertising.

By crafting messaging around seasonality like the holidays or hunting season, we were able to not only influence in-store purchase, but also click thru rates between 3-4x the industry average.

Philadelphia Marketing Case Study 

We saw consistent, significant growth in Sales & Social Engagement.

Through consistently strategically designed paid ad campaigns and complimentary branded content, both Weaver’s bottom line and online presence saw growth in 2021.

  • Instagram followers grew over 80% year-over-year.
  • Facebook followers, already in the thousands, grew 20% year-over-year.
  • According to Weavers, overall product sales are up 11% over a 52 week period after being up 32% over the previous 52 week period.


We delivered visual content and social media marketing strategy that gave Weaver’s a clear return on their investment.

“They’ve been integral in developing my company’s image through their videography, social media expertise and general knowledge of consumer behavior. I’d recommend them to anyone in need of a one-time project or an ongoing strategic partner.” 

-Seth Weaver, Director Of Business Development at Ken Weaver Meats Inc.

Whether you’re looking to engage those with taste buds for everything meat or those with a sweet tooth for pretty much anything, curating an evergreen content library and video assets will help any brand in its quest to stay authentic and keep in touch.


Philadelphia Brand Marketing


At Koi-Fly we’re dedicated to creating beautiful creative and building smart marketing strategy for any brand that’s got a story to tell. 

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