Marketing Strategy Expands Client Network for Construction Company

February 2, 2022

Helping a high end construction company grow with well planned, beautiful, social media marketing.

When you’re a high-quality construction company looking to broaden your reach on social media, your finished project should really speak for itself. With Griffiths Construction, finding new clients in a crowded marketplace was often challenging, especially since B2B partnerships are often built on the power of relationships and sticking with who you know best and who you trust most.


We immersed ourselves in our target audiences and how they all work together.

As a 30 year-old brand with lots of B2B clout, Griffiths target audience ranges from architects and interior designers to prospective homeowners looking for a partner they could trust to build them a home like no other. All of these audiences were looking for a partner that promised the highest commitment to quality and service, and who delivered on their reputation for building beautiful homes. 

We started the process of getting the word out for Griffiths with a branded video and customer testimonials that showcased beautiful exterior shots and unique interiors, and delivered on Griffiths Construction’s promise of quality and service.  We were also able to repurpose the video and cut down into multiple pieces of content to enhance their social.


We launched an Instagram account for Griffiths, which was a brand new platform for our client.

While Griffiths already understood the power of social media, they were concentrating only on Facebook as their key platform. We launched Instagram together, knowing this new platform was the perfect place to share their beautiful pictures of finished projects that could possibly spark new engagement from new followers. 


We created a content strategy to amplify the brand’s reputation for great work.

When starting a brand new Instagram company page the first step is to populate it with cohesive visuals, and the second step is to start a follower strategy, where you follow brands and clients whom you’d like to stay in touch with and see your work.  For Griffiths, getting the word out to complementary businesses like designers is just as important as getting in front of potential homeowners. We tailored some of the content to professional audiences, like the design inspiration storyboards below. Using branded graphics to push the storytelling along provides an elevated look that aligns with the Griffiths brand. 

The results say it all – creating ROI with social media.

While Facebook engagement and followers have increased for Griffiths, (Facebook followers grew 40.8% in the first 6 months of working with Koi-Fly), the company has truly shined on Instagram. 

Griffiths Instagram is truly a gallery of the company’s best work and has attracted followers like TV personality and designer Carson Kressley, who can’t get enough of the high end home content. 

And he is not alone, Griffiths Instagram grew 71% YOY in 2021 and drove multiple Griffiths Construction clients to reach out to the builder. It even helped bring in a new employee. That’s tangible ROI, and we love to see it. 

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You can build trust and reach your clients on social.

Whether you’re a B2B brand or B2C, social media should always be a key part of your marketing strategy. It’s a cost-effective, agile form of communication that’s integral to engaging with customers all throughout the marketing funnel. 

At Koi-Fly we believe everyone has a story to tell, and every brand should explore social media platforms when developing their yearly marketing plan. If done right, the ROI is something you’ll be able to quantify and optimize so you’re always reaching for the best possible results.

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