What Not To Wear On Camera

February 28, 2022

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So, you have a photoshoot or video production coming up. First time in front of a camera? What do I wear? How is it going to look? What will everyone else be wearing?  How do I know what not to wear on camera? We’ve all been there. 


Dressing for an on-camera appearance can be tricky –– camera sensors don’t work like the human eye and what may work well in-person for makeup or clothing might not work on screen. We’ve got you covered whether you’re shooting out on location, or against a while backdrop in our Main Line Studios setting.


What Not To Wear On Camera:


Clothing –

  • Avoid wearing extreme colors (such as white, black, and red). Colors like these make it hard for the camera to balance exposure. 
  • Black won’t make you look “slimmer” on camera (contrary to what we’ve been told!). The lack of contrast will make it hard for the camera to pick up where your arms end and your torso begins. 
  • Hot colors like hot pink, green, yellow, and orange are unpleasant to view on the screen.
  • Polka dots, stripes, plaid, or any type of busy pattern create the moiré effect. The lines on screen will look like they’re moving –– making viewers feel dizzy.
  • Heavy fabrics will make you hot and sweaty under the camera lights (and nobody wants that). 
  • A dress or skirt that may seem like a good length when you’re standing could potentially inch up during a sitting interview. Pro tip: try everything on before the day-of to make sure you won’t have any wardrobe malfunctions!
  • You’ll want to stay away from sloppy, unkempt clothing –– or items that are too large, along with ripped up looks.
  • Make sure your clothes don’t display brand names just in case the video will be published on a website or television commercial. Without copyrights, fines can get pretty expensive.


Makeup & Jewelry – 

  • Unless your on-camera appearance is to talk about the jewelry you’re wearing, you’ll  want to keep it simple. 
  • Avoid anything that reflects or glares. 
  • Dangly earrings and jingly necklaces will create noise that can be picked up by the microphones.
  • Stay away from glossy lipsticks or lip glosses. Reflective lips can look odd on camera.



what not to wear on camera


What To Wear On Camera:


Clothing –

  • Choose solid colors that will contrast with your skin tone and background. 
  • Cotton or light fabrics are the way to go! 
  • Iron or steam your clothes so they don’t distract from your big moment and shake your confidence. 
  • Wear something you feel comfortable in (don’t underestimate the importance of this tip!).
  • When in doubt, bring an extra outfit or two –– the producer or director can help you choose the most appropriate one for the situation. 


Makeup & Jewelry –

  • If you have glare-proof glasses, now is the time to wear them.
  • Choose a more natural, subtle look for the camera, makeup-wise. 
  • Come with your makeup done and hair in place (never assume there will be a makeup artist or hair stylist!). 
  • Powder is your best friend. A little face powder will go a long way in giving you an even, matte finish and cut down on distracting shine. 
  • Make sure to bring your own makeup for backup in case any touch-ups are needed, especially if your skin is sensitive to certain makeup the crew may bring.


We’re Happy To Help


At Koi-Fly, we’re experts at what goes on both in front and behind the camera. Trust us, sticking to these guidelines will help you present yourself in the best light on set (get it). 


Need more info? We’re happy to help or answer any questions you may have in the comments below.

Now that you know what NOT to wear, click HERE to get an estimate for your video project!

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