The Influence of Storytelling Through Branded Video

March 30, 2022

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When looking for unique, organic opportunities to connect with customers, creating branded influencer entertainment is a sure bet for storytelling that leans into organic product placement. As we look for openings in a customer’s daily journey, branded video entertainment–when done the right way– can make an authentic long-lasting impression.


When Philadelphia Magazine approached us at Koi-Fly to help them with an influencer branded video series for their auto advertising partners, Ford and Infiniti, we knew our expertise in docustyle creative made us the perfect fit for the project. And our team’s ability to connect with talent so they feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable on camera and show their true selves would make for great storytelling.


Influencer Branded Video


For the series launch, Philly Magazine partnered with Ford, building a full 360 degree campaign centered around our docuseries “Unstoppable Women”. Ford was looking to entice women into their marketing funnel, knowing their influence on purchase decisions, so our story focused on Illustrator and Creative Director Dallas Shaw on her journey to meet other woman creatives in Philly and share their stories, including entrepreneurial influencer Kate Roher, in hopes of building that connection with a whole new audience.


We were able to really maximize our initial creative so they had plenty of cut-downs to share throughout their ecosystem, from paid social, to run-of-site and from email blasts to organic instagram posts. And the results were stellar.



Organic Instagram:: 4,509 total views | Impressions: 19,706 | Likes: 94
Insta Story: 4,970 total views | 5,577 impressions
Digital Campaign: Total Views: 129,360 | Completion Rates: 26%



Organic Instagram: 7683 total views | 29,172 impressions
Insta Story: 4,276 total views | 4,898 impressions
Digital Campaign: Total Views: 189,652 | Completion Rates: 33%


For the next phase of storytelling, we targeted hyper local communities by highlighting influencers who were giving back to their communities and leaving their legacy their way.
We focused on a more general affluent audience of Gen Z through late Gen X, in hopes of building awareness around the Infiniti QX80, with a little help from Philly Chef Ari Miller and gourmet ice cream king Ryan Fitzgerald.



Organic Instagram: 59,476 total impressions
Total VIdeo Views on post: 170
Total Video Views on 20 second teaser: 32,086
Completion rate: 75.6%


At Koi-Fly we believe there’s such power in storytelling, and find that docu-style creative provides such an opportunity to connect with others. No matter the product you’re looking to sell, the first step is finding that moment and making that impression.


If you’re interested in running an influencer campaign, reach out! We offer not only video production services, but an extensive influencer network through our marketing department who can help you get the word out.

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