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May 26, 2022

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How to Batch Create Video to Build Your Content Library

Dedicating a day (or a few) to creating content is an efficient way to maximize your productivity. In just a day of filming, you can often create a month’s worth of content. This helpful approach is key to consistently producing new content, which ultimately increases brand awareness. 


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What are the Challenges of Batch Creating Videos? 

The number one challenge with batch creating video content is making it look like each video was filmed on a different day, at a different time and/or in a different location. This helps break up your social media feed and incorporate a variety of content to engage users. 


Tips for Creating an Engaging Content Library


Bring Multiple Outfits:

Changing outfits is one of the easiest ways to make it look like your content was shot at different times. When planning a wardrobe, it’s important to consider what kind of footage you’re filming. Is it mostly content from the waist up? Don’t worry about bringing multiple changes of pants if they won’t be on camera! Focus on the items that will actually show on film. It’s also important to know which colors and outfits read best in camera! Check out our guide on what not to wear on camera.


Another wardrobe tip is to bring outfits from different seasons. Even if it’s summer, pack a sweater to create a feel that a video may have been filmed in the winter. You never know when you may want to use that clip!


If you’re wearing makeup during your shoot, keep it neutral! If you’re wearing bold, recognizable makeup, it will be more obvious that your content was shot at the same time. 


Change Locations & Backgrounds: 

Be prepared to change locations (or at least your background) so it doesn’t look like everything was filmed at the same time. If available, a mix of indoor and outdoor locations is a great way to break up your social media feed. 


In a pinch, create a standard look and feel using neutral backgrounds. Use sets that are on brand and make sense with your brand voice and social media grids.


Come Prepared

To maximize the time you have allocated to filming, do your research and create a shot list prior to filming. A shot list helps you organize your background, outfit and makeup, potential supplies needed, audio, sound, or script for each post and can even include a caption for the post itself. 


When brainstorming content and video ideas for social, search for trends and trending audio. Think about upcoming holidays or events you could play off of as well. Additionally, come prepared with more video ideas than you need in case a video concept doesn’t work out. 


Stay Focused

Once a video is filmed in studio, save it as a draft and revisit it later to edit, crop, lay text, and make any other necessary adjustments. Strictly focus on filming actual content on your filming day. Rather than look at every shot, film two or three takes of a clip so you can use footage from different videos if you don’t like the way a clip came out. 


Bonus Content 

Even if you’re filming in a studio, not all of the content created has to be video. By taking some behind the scenes (BTS) shots and other stills during your time in the studio, you’ll have even more content to choose from in the future. 


Example of a Batch Content Video for NutraSystem, shot in Main Line Studios by Koi-Fly Creative:


How Can Koi-Fly Creative Help You With Your Content Library?

Batch creating content doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. At Main Line Studios, we have a variety of versatile filming setups all in one room for your content creation needs. All you need to do is bring your wardrobe and shot list! 


Contact us to see how Main Line Studios and Koi-Fly Creative can help you create up to a month’s worth of video content in just one day.


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