Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream when a client wants us to film frozen products for video or tv commercials. How the heck will we be able to keep ice cream frozen and looking fresh for a grueling 10-12 hour shoot? And for everyday use – how can you make sure your ice cream doesn’t melt while getting that perfect Insta food photo? Here’s our surprising, yet not so appetizing solution:

How-To Food Style Ice Cream

Step 1: Gather Ingredients – Waffle Cone Bowl, Ice Cream Toppings, Mashed Potatoes

Step 2: Scoop Mashed Potatoes into Waffle Cone Bowl

Step 3: Add Topping

Step 4: Take a million pics for that A+ Instagram food photo

Iced Tea

Food and beverage clients often call on us to showcase their products beautifully on video or in television ads. Some foods and beverages look incredible in their natural form in photos or videos. Others call for cosmetic enhancements for that perfect food photo.

Iced tea has a muddy, cloudy look in real life. When it is captured on film in its usual formulation it doesn’t represent well. Here’s our remedy for that murky situation:

How-to Food Style Iced Tea

Step 1: Gather Ingredients – Kitchen Bouquet, 1 Measuring Glass, Water

Step 2: Pour Small Amount of Kitchen Bouquet into Measuring Glass

Step 3: Add Water into Mixture for Desired Color

Step 4: Stir Mixture

Step 5: Add Ice Cubes

Refreshing Beverage

When beverage clients want their drinks to be captured in a refreshing, thirst quenching way in commercials and video, it can be logistically challenging. A shoot may go on for 10-12 hours and a working refrigerator isn’t usually close to the set. In those situations, we opt to create our own bottle condensation. Here is how it’s done:

How-To Food Style A Beverage with Artificial Condensation

Step 1: Gather Ingredients – 1 Beer Bottle, Oil Spray, Karo Syrup, 1 Spray Bottle, 1 Bowl

Step 2: Spray Oil onto Rag

Step 3: Wipe on Bottle

Step 4: Use Spray Bottle to Spray Glass w/ Water & Karo Mixture

Step 5: Stir Karo Syrup & Water w/ Brush

Step 6: Use Brush to Spritz Glass w/ Water & Karo Mixture

Step 7: Fill Glass w/ Beverage of Choice

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