If you’re involved with corporate or residential real estate, I don’t have to tell you it’s been a little tougher remaining visible and viable during quarantine. With today’s challenges, realtors have had to get creative to maintain the trust and business from their community.

We want to help. So far, we’ve assisted multiple clients in the real estate realm to introduce themselves to their community, show off their listings, and close deals in ways never seen before. We want to share the magic with you.

Five Ways to Keep Your Name Out There with Content

1. Introduce Yourself

During a time where you can’t introduce yourself to a potential client in person, introduce yourself the next best way: through video. Compass wanted to highlight some of their realtors to build trust and awareness of how they help their clients every day. Think of this as a video headshot basically explaining, “This is who I am and this is how I can help you find your forever home.”

This particular video was produced with a skeleton crew and delivered in under 48 hours, however, this type of video can easily be produced virtually as well. 

2. Virtual Producing

If a skeleton crew doesn’t work for you and your team, we want you to know that anything we help you produce, we can do virtually. We’ve done it in the past but quarantine has allowed us to get creative with ways we can help our clients produce their photo and video content when we’re not in the room. Below is an example of a virtual producing project we did for Brittany Frisch Photography.

Brittany from Brittany Frisch Photography wanted to send a video message to her followers talking about all the precautions she’s taking during shoots. This was scripted, produced, shot, and edited 100% virtually. Before the shoot, Brittany and our producer Leslie had a discovery call to talk about goals, messaging, look, and feel of the video. From that info, Leslie helped create a script and shot list that was approved by the client. It included specific direction and shots Leslie asked Brittany to capture for b-roll. 

When it was time to shoot, Leslie and Brittany hopped on Zoom. Leslie walked Brittany through the camera set up, looking through the viewfinder (through Zoom) and suggesting composition changes. Leslie also helped her create the perfect set with natural light and clean background in mind. After making sure audio was perfect and running through Brittany’s lines a few times, it was time to shoot.

After they hit record, Leslie fed Brittany her lines from the computer so Brittany didn’t have to memorize a thing. They ran through the script a few different ways, Leslie giving her some direction on different words to accent. Once they were done, Leslie instructed Brittany how to properly upload the footage (including b-roll and photography selects) to her computer and send it to our team. In under 36 hours, Leslie edited the video and exported it in all the settings Brittany needed for her various platforms. 

3. Show, Don’t Tell

Bryn Coed Farms was a large piece of land obtained by the Natural Lands Trust, an organization whose mission is to keep the land of Chester County from being overdeveloped. So within these massive acres of land called Bryn Coed, Natural Lands Trust only allowed a few plots of land to be sold for housing to keep the natural farmland alive.

We took a “show don’t tell” approach, so no audio was needed. This was shot mostly through drone, impactful music, and simple camera setups to tell the story. A video like this, too, can easily be produced virtually by our team.

4. Talk About Your Passion

Our client Griffiths Construction is more than just a construction company. They’re the artists that execute the detailed architecture that is often overlooked by today’s builders. Whether you’re a realtor, construction company, general contractor, or architect, you each have a passionate story to tell.

From breathtaking drone shots following the hills of horse pastures to the beautiful imagery and delicate details that give these homes character, we were able to tell the Griffiths Construction story. We interviewed the owner and key personnel to explain, in their own words, why Griffiths Construction is different.

If you or your company would like to recreate any of these shots, they can be taken sanitarily at a distance or virtually. 


5. Tried and True Photography

I don’t have to sell you on this one. Our photographers are ready to (carefully and sanitarily) capture all the beautiful rooms your new listing has to offer. Yes, photography is important but editing might be even more impactful. We also have a team of photo editors to help your listing shine. 

We are Here for You

Any way we can help you sell that listing, get that job, or simply introduce yourself to your community, we want to help you do that. Email or call us anytime to set up a discovery brainstorm at info@koifly.com or (610)716-8579.


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