Creating a content marketing strategy for your company can be really in depth and it takes a lot of resources. Make sure you’re prepared by asking yourself these five questions.

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1. What are your goals for focusing on content strategically?

Are you looking for page views? Do you care more about time on site? Are you looking to generate leads? Do you want to boost subscribers? Knowing what you’re going to be measuring is key in evaluating the success of your program.

2. Who is your target audience for this content?

You don’t want to make the mistake of putting time and energy into creating awesome content that your audience isn’t interested in! Think about who they are, what their job is, how they behave, or even how many kids they have. This gives you an idea of what kind of content they’d want to read, watch or listen to.

3. Do you understand your target audience?

Now that you know who your target audience is, think deeper than demographics. This’ll help you not only understand what your audience wants to ingest but how they want to ingest it. Think about what they do every hour of the day. Do they take the subway? Maybe they’d prefer video content with captions so they don’t have to put the sound on. Do they have an hour commute in traffic every day? Then podcasting is probably their favorite way to ingest information. Put yourself in their shoes to get a better idea of what they’d like to consume and how.

4. What are your competitors doing?

It’s best not to harp on your competitors, but it’s good information to have when thinking about your content. Look at your more successful competitors and see what’s making them successful. What are they doing that’s interesting and out of the box? Instead of copying your competitors, find what they are not offering that your audience wants.

5. What support does your marketing team need to execute this content strategy?

After you have some idea on what kind of content you’d like to create, you need to make sure you have the team that can execute. I’m sure you have natural writers and even photographers on staff! But make sure to always allow your staff to work toward their strengths and hire out wherever else is needed.

There you have it!

Once you have answers to these questions, you’re ready to dive into creating an awesome content marketing strategy.

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