I do my best to spend as much time as possible in the office. I’m always there to get the work done, but also flourish when I’m around my team. I feel inspired by their work, eager to listen and excited to learn from them, every step of the way. But sometimes, even I need a day out of the office, in my home office. Where I get out of their way, and do things my way.

So, how do I make my home office environment feel as inviting and inspiring as my work digs? 

Coffee should always be good to the last drop. 

Every entrepreneur needs coffee and tons of it. Which is why my super cute super sleek WS Pour Over Coffee Maker is my very best friend. These days Keurigs are so out and Pour Overs like this one are so in. The coffee tastes really rich and delicious, and I’m guaranteed a solid 10 cups per day from this bestie. 

Hot drinks should have matching outfits.  

Not really, but any opportunity to Feng Shui my kitchen and create a sense of style and synergy makes me happy, and probably a bit more productive. When I was an Interior Designer, creating a Feng Shui kitchen taught me all about decoration and how it can be leveraged to attract wealth and prosperity into the home. I use a red steel tea kettle because it’s the Chinese color of luck and happiness. I also highly recommend investing in a teapot and steering clear of the microwave, because frankly my water just doesn’t taste better in there,  no matter how I boil it.

Meet my coworker, she’s such a dog.

The best part of my evening routine is snuggling with my fave furry buddy, Koda the Pug, on the couch. She makes life better and never complains about my Netflix choices, kisses me endlessly and greets my Amazon deliveries with such incredible enthusiasm. Every single time. She’s very excited to see The Art of Racing in the Rain and still hasn’t forgiven me for keeping her from that casting call. 


A Gravity Blanket can be a light investment. 

Who doesn’t need a snuggle after a long day at work? When my loved one (or my beloved pug) isn’t around, I wrap up in a gravity blanket and the world just feels right again. I recommend this soft 15 lb blanket, which I often haul over to the office once winter hits. 

Candy for the Mind can be a novel idea. 

To get to sleep at night can be a challenge when the events of the day keep rolling through my brain. I find that reading mystery novels shifts my focus off work and keeps my Sunday Scaries to a minimum. Find your fiction and then find time to focus on it. 


We all need work life balance. Often that’s a group outing at work, or a vacation across the world. But sometimes, a little time doing what we love, but from home, helps us be even more productive. And helps each one of us become an even better CEO.  

– S 


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