Happy August! 

Every month we research what’s going to be trending in the media and in our industry so we can brainstorm new and engaging content. Why? If you jump in and create content related to what’s trending, your posts are more likely to get more views, likes, and comments. If you use trending hashtags and the correct CTAs you’ll increase website traffic, which can lead to new clients. Who wouldn’t want that? 

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Here’s what we found for this month:


Disney is holding their bi-annual D23 Expo August 23-25. Everyone from Marvel to National Geographic will be on the showroom floor, holding panels, and giving people insider info that we all want to know about. There will be news about Star Wars, Marvel, Frozen 2, sneak peeks of upcoming Disney films, and more. 

This year, Marvel is holding a class with their top artists on how to draw all of the Marvel characters. Make a video of people trying to draw the different characters from Marvel or your favorite cartoons!

Burning Man

If you’re looking to get sand in your nachos, head over to the desert for Burning Man. Every year, everyone from celebrities to hippies to artists get together in their favorite Mad Max cosplay and watch a giant bonfire in the desert. This year, Burning Man will be held at Black Rock Desert in Nevada. If you can’t make it to the desert, have your own Burning Man recreation! Have a bonfire (not as large as the one at burning man) with your employees and dress in your craziest outfit. But make sure to take photos and upload them to your social media, using the hashtag #burningman or #burningman2019. 

Back To School

Our final trend for August is back to school. Everyone from mommy bloggers to huge brands like Ikea and Staples are going to be going ham on content. (And back to school sales!) Jump on the bandwagon and interview your employees in a video or a blog post about the one thing they would recommend you bring to your college dorm. Posters, twinkly lights, a quesadilla maker (okay, maybe not a quesadilla maker. Dave never got his back.), and your favorite pictures. 

Well, there you have it! Let’s go make some cool content. Leave a comment below if you see any more trends happening in the month of August or other content ideas!

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