Last summer the Koi-Fly team went to Okehocking Preserve in Chester County, PA, to film a national commercial, Aubio: You Are Not Alone.

Organized Chaos

With 40 extras and 20 crew members, coordinating everyone’s availability to shoot on the same day was challenging. For all-day outdoor shoots, there is always the fear of rain. We got extremely lucky with the date we picked, because the week before and the week directly after the shoot were a constant downpour.

We didn’t have rain, but we had another challenge: the sun. During our morning production meeting we emphasized the importance of staying hydrated with lots of water, using Nuun Electrolyte Tablets, and consistently applying bug spray and sun screen – especially since the actors were running all day.

Okehocking Preserve is huge – 180 acres to be exact – and since talent were arriving at different times, we had to rent a minivan to transport people from the parking lot to the shoot locations. Because it was such a big property, walkie talkies were a must to stay in communication.

Complex Shots: How We Did It

Sometimes our DP, gaffers, and grip have to get creative to execute a shot, and this shoot was no different. Scroll down to check out how we set up each shot or watch the full commercial!

To get shots of the runners, you have to run with them. Or drive in front of them with a gimbal attached to a steadicam strapped to Eric (the project’s DP) and mounted on the bed of a pickup truck (seen below).



For the shot below, we had two groups of runners join together to form one large group (35 runners to be exact). It may sound simple, but choreographing the runners to join at the right time just as our drone (Inspire 2) flew overhead was tricky. There were producers targeted at different locations with walkie talkies in order to accurately coordinate the shot.


For another shot, Eric, again attached to the steadicam, ran head first into the group of runners who were running straight at him.


To capture the detail of the lead actor running, we also set up a slider track dolly rail system.

Look for these shots in the commercial! Have any questions about how we filmed some other shots? Leave a comment below.

Director of Photography/Director: Chris Newhard

Aerial Videography/Drone: Eric LaCasse

Cinematographer: Eric LaCasse

Executive Producer: Stacey Grant

Production Manager: David Bisson

Line Producer: Nicole Monte

Associate Producer: Shelly Maxwell

Associate Producer: Steph Burke

Production Assistant: Erin Versaggi

Production Assistant: Lisa Fendrick 

Production Assistant: Hikari Leon

Production Assistant: Cara Au Yong

Editor: Chris Newhard

Editor: Eric LaCasse 

Lead Actor: Caitlin Riley

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