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How Live Streaming Can Benefit Your Company

Live Stream

  The Benefits of Live Streaming   With the importance for companies to truly understand all of the benefits of live streaming, we decided to create our ‘Dream It, Stream It’ series. Live stream has taken the production industry by storm and has allowed huge events to take place virtually that were on the brink […]

How to Refresh and Repurpose Your Content

  Refreshing and Repurposing Your Content We’ve learned a heck of a lot about ourselves this year. Like many of you, the gang here at Koi-Fly learned to pivot, and found new ways to stay agile and raised the bar of remote productivity along the way. It’s been challenging, exhausting and even a bit invigorating.  […]

  Producing a Live Stream Musical of Opening Night in Just 24 Hours Theater students at Bishop Shanahan were so excited about their fall production of Elf The Musical, especially during a year when much of their school experience was happening at home due to Covid. The school’s administration came to us in hopes we […]

  Creating All the Razzle Dazzle with Avantor’s Livestream Event In late 2020, Avantor came to us for help on how to turn their annual global leadership summit, which was usually held in Texas, into an engaging online experience while the world was in quarantine. The yearly event is usually attended by participants from 15 […]

    Engaging employees from all over the world in a virtual company event. Mobiquity always puts technology first when building digital experiences for their clients, so when they asked us for help with their annual company retreat on Amelia Island in Florida, we knew that our tech skills would mean everything. They wanted to […]

Using live stream to bring high school graduation to everyone at home. Early into the COVID lockdown Malvern Preparatory School reached out to us for help keeping some of their school traditions alive. Everything was cancelled, but the school still wanted to ensure they could make their seniors feel special. Malvern’s marketing team came up […]


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