In the past, you and your team might have tried affiliate marketing programs, impact marketing, proximity marketing, or even search marketing. Whether you’re working with outside marketing companies or focusing your marketing in-house there is only one answer: Content Marketing.

It’s all about strategically choosing a platform that will allow your content to fully shine and deciding on the optimal format. Marketing ideas come and go – but focusing on content marketing is always on trend. So, where to then?

Facebook Scandal Causes Facebook Slump

Facebook is still currently the #1 social media platform in the US. An impressive 41% of its users are over the age of 65. For marketing that targets a senior demographic, there simply isn’t a better platform. However, Facebook online had a difficult 2018, topped off with a continuing drop in popularity among younger demographics. So it may have reached its peak.

Insta-Kids Still use Instagram

Thanks to mobile, Instagram has already surpassed one billion users.  It’s  one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms and, perhaps more importantly, much of its user-base is the younger demographic that Facebook is losing, due to its reputation as the social media platform for “old people.” Instagram continues to evolve with its audience introducing Instagram TV (IGTV) and increasingly valuable insights to analyze your Instagram stats.

Artificial Intelligence: Chat Bots, What Else?

Chatbots act as a virtual “concierge,” communicating with users and assisting them in completing their goals when they’re on your site. They interact with you primarily through the use of text chat windows.

Chatbots are already used extensively in Facebook, from providing weather reports to automating basic customer support functions. Simple utility and information can be easily provided using this sophisticated software. The Facebook chat bot allows users to get personalized, focused interactions, without having to tie up too much time from customer service staffs. Their effectiveness was proven in 2018 and is likely to continue growing as acceptance is more widespread in 2019.

Video: Everyone’s Doing It

A total of 73% of all Americans engage with YouTube. While YouTube may be the most popular way to consume videos, even more popular than Facebook, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be putting videos on Facebook, or any of the other social media platforms for that matter.

Video digital marketing, in some ways, offers the best of both worlds. By optimizing user metrics, marketers can see how efforts are performing and then make adjustments in real-time. Whether you’re creating videos for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or even your own website, setting up analytics from the start is key. As long as you stick to the fundamentals of good video production, you can make impressive gains and create long-

In 2019 we will see a continuation to the massive spike in streaming services, and popular channels like “Twitch,” which allows people to easily stream video game play.  Devices like Sony’s PS4 game console come with live streaming abilities built right into the box, making this content even more accessible to a whole new type of consumer.

Live streaming works well when paired with a smart influencer marketing strategy. An influencer live stream is an incredibly useful, high profile form of content. An opportunity to leverage the spontaneity and interactivity of live streaming can undoubtedly be a big draw when done right, with a well-chosen personality. We have seen it happen with the Influencers we have signed at Koi-Fly.  When Lindsey, The Motherchic live streams her fashionably organized chaos it leads to increased audience engagement and sales.

Let Data-Driven Marketing Drive

So, how do you know which type of content to create in order to reach your audience? Let your content be data-driven. Successful marketing strategies rely on data to justify their tactics. The Koi-Fly team uses tools like SEO software and scientific methods to make sure the art we create for our clients gets seen and acted upon by their target audiences. Then we execute comprehensive SEO analysis to see how content is performing.

A data-driven marketing strategy can help you learn more about your audience to improve your tactics and your future campaigns. More specifically, it can help you improve your customer experience with the use of personalization. It can especially help you create more effective videos and ads to reach the right audiences and achieve a positive ROI.

As you think about your content strategy this year, feel free to reach out to us at for any of your digital strategy or content needs.

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