Any company can enhance their appeal by using aerial video to connect with customers. Content from new heights is always eye-catching and attention-grabbing and provides us with an ability to connect with people through a birds-eye lens that’s often unparalleled.  Soaring drone images showcase locations from heights and angles once only available from a helicopter.

Sharing this kind of branded content on your website, social media platforms, and television commercials attract customers through all parts of the marketing funnel and give everyone an opportunity to spread the word and help legitimize and amplify your messaging.

Aerial Video Superstars

Construction Companies

When a construction company client wants to see progress, there’s no better way to show the work than aerial video. It’s great for before and after shots and for creating time-lapse storytelling too –  talk about impressive reveals!

Real Estate Businesses

Real estate agencies share new perspectives for home-buyers by highlighting the size, shape, and layout of a property with accuracy. Buyers who like to see a beautiful home and property in its entirety love aerial video. Win-Win.

Vacation Resorts & Travel Companies

Before visiting a resort, travelers often rely on video content to get an idea of what their experience will be like. Aerial video provides travelers with a realistic portrayal of any adventure before they pack their bags.

Outside Music Venues

Aerial videos have the capacity to capture huge concert crowds from the sky. Sharing the crowd’s high energy helps everyone from concert goers to advertisers see and feel the excitement that’s in the air. This boosts enthusiasm for the venue which can bolster future sales.

Special Event Companies

By capturing event content with an overhead shot or 360 views, event planners have the perfect material for future advertising materials, media releases, and outreach for new customers.

When Shopping for an Aerial Video Company make sure that…

… they have a top of the line, crazy fast drone.

The DJI Phantom 2 drone worked really well at Koi-Fly Creative for the last three years. It created many beautiful films for us. Recently, we added a new drone to our stockpile of equipment – the DJI Inspire 2.

Eric LaCasse, Koi-Fly’s co-founder and Pilot in Command (PIC) said this about the new addition, “The Phantom 2 utilizes a GoPro to record all images. With the Inspire 2 we can record in ProRes which is a better quality camera image to bring to the viewer. There are many intelligent flight options on the Inspire 2 for more dramatic shots. When the Phantom 2 was flying forward at a fast rate sometimes you could see its propellers in the images that we shot. That doesn’t happen with the Inspire 2 because it transforms while in the air so that the blades are above the camera at all times. The Inspire 2 also records up to 60 Frames Per Second creating intense slow-motion footage. It boasts a top speed of 60 mph which helps it keep up with cheetahs or cars. With the Inspire 2’s versatility, we are able to capture really clear pictures and incredible circular views. It is even possible to shoot live broadcast programs directly from the drone for our clients.”

… and that they have a certified Pilot in Command (PIC) on staff to fly that crazy fast drone.

A certified PIC legally captures aerial photos and video for clients. A drone operator without PIC certification cannot legally be paid to shoot your aerial footage.  A PIC is also required to be up to date on all FAA rules and regulations in order to prioritize safety for your project.

Eric LaCasse has a twinkle in his eye when he talks about flying the drone, “I have been flying remote control aircrafts for over 20 years. Aerials add another dimension to shooting video and creating films. With a camera in your hand, you can make simple movements, but a drone can move vertically, horizontally and diagonally – all at the same time!” he said.

“Motion in any shot will hold your interest. Even movement on a small scale is noticeable,” Eric explained, “People feel something when they see it.” 

Eric’s favorite drone shot was for a project in Tuscany, Italy, “We shot a piece for this health and wellness facility. The landscape there is just gorgeous. We shot people on bikes riding down a mountain. And we shot at a castle. It was probably the coolest thing that I have shot in the air.”

What does all of this tech talk mean to you and your business? Well, kick-ass aerial footage shot with this drone is unlike most you’ll see in average branded videos. And the best news is that less crew is required for aerial cinematography, which means better price points and more value for you.

Overall, the distinctive views and diverse vantage points that come along with great aerial cinematography will highlight your business and services in an extremely creative way.  They’ll help you connect with your existing customers and share your stories with potential customers looking for a whole new kind of birds-eye view into your business.

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