One thing we find with clients looking for video is that many are in the dark as to how to price it out. The general rule is: the higher the budget, the better you can make the final product look. Why is that, you ask?

Say you come to us with a script and vision of what you want your video or commercial to look like. When we budget video shoots we break it up into 3 phases: Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production. Let’s break that down.


Pre-Production takes place before the shoot happens and involves planning and logistics in order to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible once the cameras start rolling. This includes casting, location scouting, shot planning, and securing equipment and crew, and much much more. The bigger the scope of the production, the more Pre-Pro is necessary.


Next comes the shoot. Our crew is gathered, the talent is there, and we’re ready to set up the cameras. The larger the crew we have on hand, the quicker it is to set up shots. The more shots we have in the schedule, the longer the day goes. So it’s important to scale the crew based on what is being shot.

Sure, you can get a small crew with limited lighting to shoot your video, but you’re taking the risk of not getting everything you really want. They’ll be tied down by shot limitations and timing.

Lighting and equipment is also a factor in pricing. The location of the shoot may require more lighting to set up that perfect shot. Drone, Steadicam, Dollys and Gimbals can also be included to bring some fantastic moving imagery to your spot.

Also, the number of shoot days and locations will affect the budget. A two-day shoot requires 2 days of equipment rentals, crew rates, and possible location fees etc.

Post Production

Post production is handled in the editor’s suite. The footage is pieced together, appropriate music is selected, and the story is fleshed out to complete the shot. Post production can also include transcriptions, sound design, graphics, animations, voiceover, and color correction. Each of these items is included as a line on a budget.

The result? Your vision brought to life.

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