Relive the Best and Worst Game Day Ads

Every year the Koi-Fly crew rubs their hands together with glee as Super Bowl Sunday approaches. Yes, we enjoy watching the game but as TV Producers and Directors we get hyped for the Big Game’s ads. This year was a challenging time for filmmakers. Covid-19 restrictions handicapped the amount of crew on set as well as talent. We knew there would be copious amounts of creativity involved in order to achieve the usual magic. And we were not disappointed.



Paramount+ | #PeakStreaming


Paramount utilized the ‘stop in often’ theory in it’s Super Bowl 55 series of 4 advertisements loaded with any and every B actor and tv personality tied to their new streaming platform who would join in the fun. The Paramount+ Super Bowl spot saw the various characters and stars of ViacomCBS shows and their Paramount movie counterparts finally get to the summit of the frozen mountain they’ve been climbing, only to find that their summon came from Star Trek: Picard star Patrick Stewart – who is ready to have a big dance party. Here’s the realtime conversation our team when we saw the spot for the first time live.

Paramount #1

  • Stacey: Snooki
  • Kyra: SNOOKI!! But I didn’t get the commercial
  • Dave: Paramount commercial featuring people I don’t care about.
  • Stacey: I think it’s gonna be one of those that keeps happening throughout the show.
  • Dave: Def not shelling out money to subscribe.

Paramount #2

  • Stacey: Paramount spent a Billion dollars
  • Leslie: I’m here for these Paramounts
  • Dave: We’re gonna get more of those for sure

Paramount #3

  • Kyra: BEAVIS!!! That was GOOD!
  • Stacey: Paramount spent a trillion dollars






DORITOS 3D| #FlatMatthew | Feat. Matthew McConaughey

Doritos 3D may have stolen the show with their Flat Matthew McConaughey attempting daily chores culminating by Matt taking a bite and inflating in a vending machine. We had varied live responses while watching Matthew’s commercial ‘unfold’.

  • Kyra: Ok this is awesome
  • Stacey: FLAT MATT!!!!!!
  • Leslie: Oh wow this is really grossing me out
  • Sam: Uhhhhh
  • Kyra: I’m SCREAMING!!!
  • Sam: OMG
  • Morgan: He still looks good even as cardboard!
  • Stacey: This is insane.
  • Cece: #FlatMatthew

GM | #NoWayNorway | Feat. Will Ferrell

GM even purchased a huge 90-second slot for this commercial, showing how much they’re investing in the electric car concept. The standard Super Bowl ad time is 30 seconds, and that’s for a cost of more than $5 million.

  • Stacey: Willlllllll
  • Kyra: WILL!!!!
  • Stacey: Crush them!!
  • Stacey: LOLING
  • Morgan: Ugh Will is timeless.
  • Dave: KEENAN.
  • Leslie: Lol
  • Sam: Lmao
  • Kyra: Will can do no wrong!
  • Sam: That was so good.


Bud Light | #Legends | Feat. Everyone

Bud Light Legends brought it. Green screen or not. It was entertaining for sure.

  • Stacey: Bud light damn. Legends.
  • Kyra: Bud light always come through!
  • Stacey: I love Cedric
  • Cece: Bud light always shows up
  • Morgan: The king of super bowl commercials
  • Sam:Omg that was cute
  • Stacey:I loved u man.” Hahahah
  • Dave: wow that was the avengers of bud light
  • Leslie: Has covid destroyed my care to laugh?
  • Dave: I know @Leslie Schmidt Im watching these commercials from a technical standpoint – “that’s greenscreen’


DEXCOM | Dexcom G6 | Feat. Nick Jonas

We have a lot of Jonas Bros fans on staff… you’ll see what I mean.

  • Leslie: Oh boy morg!!!!! Jonas !!!
  • Stacey: @michaela keating !!! Jonas.
  • Dave: Eric is bff with the Jonas bros.
  • Michaela: Morgan and I are Jo Bro STANS
  • Morgan: Love me some Jonas brothers Les

Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade | #2020aLemonOfaYear

Cut to a montage of 2020 mishaps and disasters – all entirely low key compared to the coronavirus pandemic, threats to democracy, and racial injustice that actually plagued the globe last year. All of the calamities are ushered in by lemons falling from the sky, knocking cyclists off their bikes, forcing one man to shave his head, and ruining a wedding.

  • Stacey: THIS!!! Lemons
  • Kyra: Ok I’m loving this
  • Morgan: Bud light does it again
  • Cece: “We know the saying Mark” love that
  • Erin: Hahahaah well done bud light
  • Stacey: Lemon of a year.
  • Cece: Probably the best one so far for me
  • Sam: Omg I’m a horrible person. I laughed too hard at that bride
  • Dave: 2020 was indeed a lemon
  • Michaela: I cackle laughed at the bud light lemonade like … why was that so funny to me


TIDE | Jason Alexander’s Dirty

  • Stacey: Thissssss!!!! Tide. Jason Alexander Hoodie. So so clever!Kyra: This commercial is WEIRD!!
  • Stacey: The worm!! I’m here for it.
  • Kyra: I feel like we need to buy @iamdavebisson a hoodie with Nicholas Cage on it.
  • Sam: I love what they did with the shirt. I enjoyed that commercial
  • Dave: Relate.


DR. SQUATCH | #Realmen

  • Stacey: I love this! Sasquatch
  • Stacey: Pickle jars in the first try Lolol
  • Kyra: NAKED
  • Michaela: DR. SQUATCH I’M –
  • Sam: It reminded me of the Old Spice commercials
  • Michaela “Oh, I’ve heard of Dr. Squatch!” – my brother




CHEETOS | #ItWasntMe ft. Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher + Shaggy

  • Stacey: Here it is!!!
  • Sam: Yesss!!
  • Leslie: wasn’t you shaggy!!!!!
  • Dave: Ahahahaha
  • Kyra: SHAGGY STILL FINE!!!!!
  • Stacey: Wasn’t ME
  • Dave: That was what I needed
  • Dan: That was everything



TOYOTA | Jessica Long Upstream

  • Stacey: This. All of the Feels.
  • Kyra: Whoa
  • Sam: Omg…my heart
  • Dave: YOOOOOO
  • Erin: Holy powerful
  • Kyra: This is AMAZING.
  • Erin: Chills.
  • Stacey: I fricken love the water everywhere. Go Toyota.
  • Sam: I’m crying
  • Cece: Wow
  • Eric: That was good.
  • Michaela: I am sob.


ROCKET MORTGAGE | #CertainIsBetter | Feat. Tracy Morgan

  • Stacey: Tracy morgan
  • Kyra: That’s my Guy!!!
  • Stacey: That’s funny!
  • Kyra: That was HILARIOUS!
  • Cece: Good one!!!



OATLEY | #WowNoCows | Oatly CEO Performs Vegan Song

  • Stacey: This is bad.
  • Kyra: What is this?
  • Sam: Wow
  • Stacey: Was that a joke?
  • Michaela: Oatley was …. weird. Cringe.
  • Dave: Oatly spending how much money for that?
  • Sam: I…don’t….no stop Oatley.
  • Dan: That was awful
  • Dave: I hated that more than i hated the diet coke mango spot.
  • Stacey: Eric just said “WTF was that Oatly?
  • Dave: I will now officially avoid oat milk. In fact I hate oat milk now. It had a chance. but not anymore
  • Stacey: “I have an idea for a Super Bowl commercial. Me. Singing in a field.”


DOORDASH | #inyourneighborhood | Feat. Daveed Diggs + Big Bird

  • Stacey: What is this commercial?
  • Cece: Idk but I like Daveed Diggs. I wanted to like it but I’m confused.
  • Stacey: Ooo Doordash.
  • Michaela: I love Daveed Diggs but that was Doordash??
  • Dave: Daveed is king and I’m partial to Sesame Street but didn’t love the commercial.
  • Stacey: Think they tried to get too much in there  – Big Bird.
  • Leslie: 5 years of Sesame Street have me never wanting to see big birds face ever again.
  • Kyra: Sesame Street commercial was WACK.
  • Dan: Yess Kyra !!!
  • Morgan: Cookie Monster made that entire commercial.
  • Dave: Leslie –  that will change once your kids discover more sh*tty tv.

Well, there you have it. Our favs and fumbles of the 2021 Super Bowl Ads. These are all, of course, just our humble opinions. Overall, the cinematography was gorgeous and the concepts were entertaining and creative, in one way or another.

What were your favorite Super Bowl commercials this year? Leave a comment or tweet us @koiflycreative!

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