Fresh Filmmakers

A Koi-Fly Creative social impact brand combining two elements: students who need expert mentorship and resources to fulfill their passions and a community-focused non-profit with a story to tell.

To us, it isn’t just about giving students workshops on marketing and video production to increase their confidence in the industry; it’s using mentorship as a vehicle to pay it forward to a deserving organization.

The Four Pillars


Experiential learning taught by skilled mentors, state-of-the-art tools, and countless resources inspires students to embrace their passions. This leads to deeper learning and greater self-esteem and happiness in all facets of life.


Having access to professional mentorship and resources increases learning, especially in high-level visual media and creative marketing. Our workshops and experiential learning are provided by the award-winning Koi-Fly in-house crew.


Being driven by service to others awakens compassion, understanding, and gratitude. At the end of the semester, the students pay it forward by creating a pro-bono video for a philanthropic partner of Koi-Fly’s.


Having a creative outlet has been proven to help mitigate stress in teens and young adults. Through hands-on art direction, whether through storyboarding, scripting or post-production, students are able to immerse themselves in creativity.

When I signed up to participate with Koi-Fly, I was very excited but at the same time I was nervous…I learned so many new things from the Koi-Fly family. From Stacey teaching me about leadership and how women are capable of running a all the cool cameras and drones that Eric showed us to Leslie who taught me how to interview people and the different kinds of questions to ask.

- Stephanny, Fresh Filmmakers Class of 2019


Last Semester’s
Philanthropic Partner

Are you a nonprofit in need of marketing and video content? Click below to become our next Philanthropic Partner!


Experienced, award-winning mentors conduct hands-on workshops with the Fresh Filmmakers to prepare for the philanthropic partner client video shoot. The mentors took a 360-degree approach to the curriculum to ensure the Fresh Filmmakers fully embraced the production and creative processes.

Working with koi fly is something I will not forget. I was able to learn about something I was interested in, which was editing… I would like to thank koi fly for the opportunity to try something different and out of my comfort zone and for being able to meet such amazing people and to learn things I will carry with me throughout my life.

- Alazia, Fresh Filmmaker, Fall 2019

meet the mentors


Co-Founder & CEO

Pre Koi-Fly Stacey worked in the Ad Agency world and founded a Digital Media Company, Grant Consulting, where she launched and managed successful business marketing and social media campaigns. Prior to that, she was a proven sales leader in Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Commercial Printing Sales for various fortune 500 companies.


Director of Content

Leslie is an Ithaca College Alumni with a comprehensive background in reality TV [Project Runway, Top Chef]. Curiosity brought her into the creative content distribution world working with retail brands [Volkswagen, Clorox] to further their messaging through targeted ad content. She is passionate about telling your authentic story (and has the ability to get even the toughest person to let loose on camera)


Director of Production

For over eight years, Dave Bisson has acted as a key member in the production offices of dozens of major film and television projects in the NYC area. Dave has also collaborated on several viral marketing campaigns on the commercial level and is particularly known for a series in which he candidly surprises car shoppers with a homespun rap song about automobiles.


Co- Founder | Cinematographer | Drone Pilot | Steadicam Op | Lead Editor

Eric had a video camera on his shoulder from the age of 12. During his more than 20 year tenure at QVC, Eric worked his way up the ranks to being an award-winning Broadcast Senior Technical Director. At Koi-Fly, Eric flies the drone, operates various state-of-the-art cameras, runs steadicam and leads the post production department.

Michaela Keating


Senior Marketing Coordinator

During her time at Saxbys, Michaela realized how much she loved the creative side of business and establishing relationships with people. She believes Marketing allows you to “bring a piece of yourself into your company. Marketing is always changing, and the key to success within this department is to never be afraid of failure.” At Saxbys, Michaela learned a lot about herself in a professional work environment and is now bringing this experience to the Koi-Fly team.


Michaela Keating



Dan’s past experience included working for a Fortune 200 company where he brought his experience to the agency world, holding integral roles in the explosive growth of Boston based digital marketing companies. With a passion for helping businesses and individuals reach their goals, he is no stranger to marketing and operational challenges and is not afraid to “dive in” to truly understand the issues and deliver innovative solutions that enable success.


Nicole Monte



After graduating from college, Nicole stumbled on the chance to work as an assistant editor for a small independent film. That little film went on to win the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival, and was the unexpected beginning of a career in TV and Film Production. Twenty years later, Nicole now has extensive experience in creative production, writing, post production, and production management.