Hi, it’s me, Dave.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been a fan of working remotely. It’s possible that this is because, until recently, it was never really an option for me. I worked for years in the Film and Television industry where the thought of even taking a sick day was something you just didn’t do for fear of being replaced. Now things are different. Koi-Fly has always offered the option of remote working but I seldom took them up on it, partially because I’ve been conditioned to always report to the office but mostly because I genuinely enjoy the people I work with and our daily interactions. 

But now, hoo boy, I am finding myself having to adapt to a world of digital video meetings and social distancing. We have a saying at Koi-Fly that every challenge is really an opportunity. An opportunity to learn, to grow, and to adapt. Here are some ways I’ve been embracing this opportunity.

Developing New Skills

I’ve always been fascinated by animation and, from an early age, I dreamed of becoming an animator. Seriously. In the first grade I even wrote a rap song about this aspiration (Proof below). Grammy material, I know.


With filming pretty much coming to a halt in the wake of everything going on, brands are going to have to find new ways to market themselves, and I have begun teaching myself animation using the many resources of the internet. The other day I completed my first (very rudimentary) whiteboard animation video, and I’m just getting started.

Honing Older Skills

I’m using this opportunity to dust off some of the older creative talents that I’ve let myself get a bit rusty recently. I’ve been practicing playing guitar every day. I’ve (nearly) perfected my turkey chili recipe. And, circling back to the whole early animation aspiration, I’ve always loved to draw. My parents will regale you with tales of finding my doodles on the walls and library books. That love of doodling continued into my adult life. Years ago when I was bored and holed up in a basement apartment in NYC I cranked out 3 graphic novels out of boredom but then I just, stopped. Now is the perfect time to crack out the old Wacom tablet and figure out ways to utilize it to elevate content!

Embracing Visual Conference Software

As I mentioned earlier, one of the best parts of working at Koi-Fly is the people with whom I work and I dearly miss our interactions in the office. We’ve taken to at least one Zoom call a day where we check in on each other, talk about work, life, and whatever pops into our minds. While it’s not quite as personal as us sitting around one table and chatting over Couch Tomato salads and Wawa Hoagies, it does the trick. I’ve also found this time to be a boom in interacting with friends. I’ve had weekly game nights and happy hours with friends who I hardly got to see even before this all started, and I’ve found myself laughing harder than I have in a long time.


Anyway, friends, I hope this post finds you all well. Stay safe out there.

How are you embracing this opportunity?


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