Hi. Meet me, Amy. Hard Worker, Online Shopper, and Mother of 4 rambunctious girls between the ages of 16 and 5.  I am from Generation X. That means I have skills. I know how to use the Dewey Decimal system to look up a book and then rapidly download said book to my device of choice, without skipping a beat. I also make purchasing decisions. For everyone in my household.  I’d like to call my current purchasing prowess the “marketing vortex”. So people who market to consumers need my attention.  Because, besides me, I am responsible for four younger, smaller, more eager consumers who listen to me most, I mean some, I mean enough of the time. And those littler consumers that live with me have influence over their friends and their friends’ families. My generation is computer savvy and information-oriented. We have short attention spans, are super busy and we want to be inspired.

Allow me to digress… do you by any chance remember the dancing Oogachaka Baby?

The. Dancing. Oogachaka. Baby.

The dancing baby came out in 1996. It was, as far as I know, the first viral video 一 released 20 years ago. Think about that for just one hot second.  Gen X’ers  have seen many different machinations of e-commerce growth and marketing over the last 20 years. And our children were practically born texting on a  smartphone while creating drawings on a desktop computer. They know no other way.

From my recollection, MySpace was the next sharing method for video and songs. Then YouTube came into the world and showed everyone how to utilize short video and sharing tactics. Hello Viral Video Marketing. And Youtube Stars.

Today, I see companies utilizing video everyday to market their businesses wares and goods and services. I mean, according to the esteemed  Web Video Marketing Council, mostorganizations are engaging in marketing through video. And we Gen X-ers know this is not a new trend.  Remember the The Oogachaka Baby video I showed above? Just sayin’. Now THAT was some paradigm shifting stuff. 1996.

So, here’s a question that goes through my head when I buy something.

“Why? Mr. E-commerce Retail Marketer, why am I choosing your online shop? I know what you’re selling. I know how you’re selling it, too. I see Oz behind the curtain but why am I choosing your company right this second for my kids entertainment or toys or food or clothing or stuff or me for that matter?”

Here’s the answer. I choose your company to buy from because you inspire me. You move me from non-awareness about your item to awareness. You show me, from the inside out, who you are, what you’re doing, and how you’re doing it. You tell me a story about who you are and most importantly, I care about it.  You cause me with your gorgeous story to act on something that I might not have even known about. You have taken the time to add videos to your website and they are  REALLY GOOD. Riveting even. I watch them and I learn from them and I feel something about you and your product and that makes me buy stuff from you. I’m not sure exactly how that works psychologically, although I am sure it has been studied.  But it does work.

Maybe video works because it directly connects to my experience. It is a direct line to me, my feelings and my buying habits. It shows me real time insights into working with your business. Like Avatar, I see you.

Just a quick note to those companies that I don’t buy from on the regular, I believe you need a piece of your company’s inspiration shared transparently to the audience that you want to reach. I feel you need to communicate your unique story or the “Why?” that sets your company apart from every other company out there.

Just my 2 cents. As a Gen Xer. And a consumer. A mom and a buyer of goods and services near and far. Online and point of service. All the time.

Thank you video. You move me.

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