How to make your self generated video look not so self generated


It’s a time old debate: do you create self gen videos to save some money, or don’t you because it will hurt the look of your brand?

Let’s answer this for you – Do them! AND keep your professionalism at the same time. But HOW?

First – we suggest you don’t get out of the gate with just self gen videos. Establish your brand and make the investment on a beautiful video that immediately showcases who you are and what you do. Then come up with a self gen strategy where they are peppered into your plan for the month, year – however you do your marketing.

So, here are the tips for creating a more professional self gen video.

Be Thoughtful

Before creating the content, be thoughtful about it. Where is this going? Who are you trying to talk to here? Once you know that, you can decide if you want your video to be vertical or horizontal – and when you go to edit you’ll have a better idea of how things should be shot for your final piece.

Stay Away From Harsh Lighting

You don’t want to shoot a video with you looking into the sun, or at noon outdoors when it’s beating down on you. You won’t look great – there will be shadows on your face and you’ll most likely be squinting. Instead, find a shady spot or only shoot at twilight/sunrise hours. Or, if you’re indoors, have daylight light bulbs around you. Most DSLR and iPAD/Phone cameras do a really great job adjusting to surrounding light. Play around with different locations and angles so there are no shadows on your face or your product.

Invest in Audio

Great audio is KEY to having a more professional video. Make a small investment in a mounted boom mic for your DSLR. If you have an iPad or smartphone – check out some really cool audio attachments you can get. If you want to go a step up, look into the H4N Zoom Mic.

Keep It Steady

Tripods are CHEAP – making sure your vertical or horizontal video isn’t shaking and giving your viewer a hard time focusing is KEY to making your video look more professional.

Add Some Graphics

It’s really not hard to create some elements in Canva or Photoshop to lay into your video. Some graphics are lower thirds, or a logo that can rest at the beginning, end, or both spots of your video. Keep it consistent with your brand colors/fonts.


Add some steady movement. For example, when you’re shooting additional footage, you can add creative moves like slowly walking forward and backward, or moving the camera from side to side slowly. You could even play with the slow motion feature you have.

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