As a leader, you need to have a platform. It is important to get your messages of hope and support to your community. How do you get them out there when you can’t gather your group in person? When it is your responsibility to bolster your customers, stakeholders, vendors, and community you’ll find a way.

At Koi-Fly, we help our clients communicate their personal, inspiring leadership messages through engaging video.

Below are two different examples of Leadership Videos with varied budgets and unique accessibility challenges due to government mandated “stay at home” measures. Regardless of the camera’s quality or crew access, both of these videos showcase the  necessary, engaging leadership messaging that our client’s business communities craved and required.

Example 1: Malvern Prep Leadership Message Video

The first example is with our client, Malvern Preparatory School. When word got out that schools were at risk of closing because of the spread of the coronavirus, Father Reilly knew he had to update and reassure his students, teachers, and alumni that it would most likely be temporary, and they would continue to be a community through these uncertain times.

Production Stats:

This was an internal message that was sent to all staff, students, parents, and alumni

48-hour turnaround time

Scripted by Malvern Prep’s marketing department

We had a skeleton crew (a DP and Producer/Director only)

2 Sony cameras

Because of our small crew, we used no artificial lighting. We captured natural light by shooting in a largely windowed building. Our DP analyzed the sun’s pattern (using this app) to ensure it wouldn’t blow out the shot during production.

Script displayed on the iPad teleprompter to ensure fluidity

Our crew utilized a boom microphone to avoid any physical contact during audio setup.

After production, we gathered footage that we’ve shot for this client in the past and user-generated photos and video from the client to string together b-roll that helped tell Father Reilly’s story.

The video was edited with branded graphics, fonts, and colors to tie the whole video together

Included music to give video more depth


Example 2: Commonwealth Capital

In our second leadership message video example with Commonwealth Capital, the governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolfe, had mandated a stay-at-home order, so we had to follow stricter social distancing orders by not shooting on location. This video was produced, shot, lit, and edited almost 100% virtually. Check it out below!

Production Stats:

This was a message both internally to staff and externally to referral partners and borrowers.

36-hour turnaround time

We utilized virtual production from Koi-Fly staff to develop a concept and script.

Shot in clients home

1 DSLR camera and basic tripod, both owned by the client already

PV510+ Lav microphone linked to the camera (client bought off Amazon HERE)

We utilized at-home, remote art direction. Koi-Fly producers assisted the client in art direction, lighting, shot and background setup for the shoot.

Used all-natural lighting – The client chose a room in his house with light, neutral paint to avoid colored highlights on the skin. The client also propped a white poster board to reflect the window light so simulate a traditional bounce.

Edited video with branded graphics on the front and end of the video. We used stock footage and placed a branded bug in the corner to round it out.

Purchased music to set the perfect tone to relay the video message

Koi-Fly assisted client in distributing video through all social channels, YouTube channel, and uploaded to website for both internal and external messaging.


Both videos exemplify the importance of communicating your leadership message especially during times of unprecedented change. At Koi-Fly we can help you deliver important messaging to your audiences in a quick, easy, comfortable way –  no matter the circumstance, setting or restrictions.. Start the conversation at


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