As we’re into week five of quarantine, I think I’m starting to get the hang of this working remotely 24/7 thing. I looked back at a blog article I wrote recently about working from home, and realized these tips (with a couple enhancements) are more relevant now than ever. They can work for anyone who’s confined to their home office or conducting business from their comfy couch, and can help keep a team together without actually being together. They can help with morale, for anyone who’s feeling a bit lost during this shift and give a whole new perspective on how to achieve work life balance from home.

Below are a few elements of my life I had to switch up, but are still very necessary to get the stuff I need to get done, done.

Let’s get started.


First thing’s first. Everyone needs coffee right now and tons of it. Before quarantine, I used this super cute, super sleek WS Pour Over Coffee Maker. Great if you just want to make a few cups and go along with your day. Nowadays, though, I buckled down and bought a Cuisinart 12-Cup brewer. Recently, a good night’s sleep has been challenging when I’m worrying about the health and safety of my family and the financial health of my business. To help combat the sleepiness, the Cuisinart beats the pour over in a few ways. First, I love the automatic brewing setting. I have mine set for right before I’m supposed to get up so knowing my coffee downstairs ready for me gives me a little kick I need to get out of bed. Also, it stays hot for up to 4 hours which means I can enjoy my coffee all morning.

Tea for one, tea at two

I always loved my red steel tea kettle. My husband and cofounder Eric drinks tea regularly but I saw that tea kettle more as an opportunity to incorporate Feng Shui into the kitchen to attract wealth and prosperity in the home (and we all need a little more prosperity right now). Plus, red is the Chinese color for luck and happiness. I learned as an interior designer that creating a sense of style and energy in home brightens the mood and, maybe, makes us all a little more productive. 

Now, during quarantine, I try to squeeze at least one cup of tea a day. All these video chats could really break down the vocal cords if they aren’t appropriately lubricated.

Meet my coworker, she’s such a dog


Even though I have a few less coworkers I see in person during quarantine, this little pug is still working her tail off by my side daily. A snuggly, playful, blissfully unaware dog is the best part of my day during a global pandemic.

I must admit I’ve spent a few days crying into Koda’s fur. When I feel down, a snuggle from my puppy always makes me feel better. Her favorite part of the day is our one hour walk outside, where we breathe in fresh air and clear our heads. She spends her time giving kisses and sneezes to my husband and me in an equally lovable way.

Outfit yourself with the perfect blanket

This is an item I might just have to bring back into the office after quarantine. Who doesn’t need a snuggle after a long day? When my loved ones (or my beloved pug) isn’t around, I wrap up in a gravity blanket and the world just feels right again. I recommend this soft 15 lb blanket. Or just go for a fluffy, huggy style blanket if you’ve got one lying around the house.

A good story can be a great escape

In light of current events, I’ve added a few work related and self help books to my bed stand and listening queue. Some examples are, The Untethered Soul, The Power of Now, The Recession-Proof Business, and Man’s Search For Meaning. I tend to go back and forth between fiction and nonfiction but find self help books to be especially helpful right now.

YouTube channels keep me going

With all of the video chatting I’ve found that watching TV just isn’t as satisfying as it used to be. I’ve picked up some new hobbies and learned some new tricks that are definitely keeping me occupied, helping pass the time, and creating boundaries between when to work and when to just be… home.

And I’ve even been thinking about learning how to play the ukulele, so I might just start the Free 10 day Ukulele Starter Course. I just need a ukulele to get started.


We all need work/life balance right now. We need new ways to keep busy and be productive, and new avenues for finding the content to help us through all this. We need to recognize that an open laptop is not always an invitation to work, and that finding new ways to play during the day these days are really ok.

What habits have you changed since quarantine? Comment below to give me some of your own tips!


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