With so much coming up for Koi-Fly Creative in 2019, looking back at 2018 feels really weird.

But we’re excited to show how we’ve grown, share our new client adventures and humble brag just a little bit about the bigger moonshots we hoped for and hit.

We Heard You. We Grew For You.

We found many of our colleagues and clients were just creating video because a little birdy told them they needed it. Putting tons of money and resources into video content and slapping it up on the internet with no strategy is like making a million dollar bet on a blind free throw.

So, we put a system in place that takes off the blindfold almost entirely.  SEO and trend research allows us to give our customers content ideas that their audiences are already searching for. Algorithm science plus a little content art makes magic, which is what we’re here for in the first place.

We also added two new key players to our core team: Leslie Schmidt, Director of Content and Morgan Kruczek, Assistant Editor, who both contribute to our storytelling and content development capabilities and help with all of that magic dust. Additionally we worked with over 50 incredible freelancers from Directors, Talent and Editors to everything in between making sure we covered all of your project’s specifications with the right talent.

Infiniti Put Us  In High Gear.

We were asked by Infiniti and City/Studio  to highlight Boston and Philadelphia’s biggest influencers through their Start Your Own Legacy campaign which incorporated key people who are giving back to their community.

We captured those stories on video, focused on the influencer’s relationship with their  2019 Infiniti QX50, and showed how it helped them get through the day and achieve their goals. To create gorgeous imagery we shot these on the RED Scarlet Dragon. Aerial Shots by DJI Inspire 2.

We Were Seen On (National) TV.

Mom! I’m on TV! From life sciences to home products, Koi-Fly Creative shot, produced, and edited 4 national tv commercials. . Did you see that Aubio commercial during the Eagles game? Because we did and so did our moms!

We Signed 5 Key Influencers

Could your brand benefit from influencer and video marketing? Maybe your next brand ambassador is closer than you think! We signed 5 local and international influencers to development deals.

You Dished, We Dashed

We learned that our clients are constantly looking for ways to improve their content marketing. So we developed our own web series and YouTube playlist and called it The Dash.  It’s a  one-stop shop on all things production, marketing, and design. It’ll make your job easier and make you look good at work – SUBSCRIBE now to get all the latest info.

The Dash

We Launched Our New Website

At Koi-Fly Creative, we always strive for transparency, quality, and most importantly, to inspire. This project was no different. Welcome!

We Traveled the Globe

We Practiced Mindfulness. We Produced Mindfulness.

We were recently nominated for “Best PA Filmmaker” by the West Chester Film Festival for our newest short film, Mindfulness Matters which focuses on Pax Tandon’s philosophy to be present in your everyday life in order to experience a higher level of peace.

Here’s to 2019 and all the excitement it will bring!   What are you most proud of in 2018? Comment below!

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