As a recent graduate from Temple University, Erin Versaggi has always had a passion for storytelling. She has a love for both writing and filmmaking, which she expanded on by enrolling in Temple’s Screenwriting Program: the perfect combination. In those classes, she wrote over four television pilot episodes, two feature films, and three shorts films, one of which was produced.  

During her Junior Year, Erin spent a semester living in Rome and traveling throughout Europe, where she continued to collect stories, photographs, and experiences of different cultures and traditions. In order to keep her family and friends updated on her travels, she wrote a blog and added short videos to it in order to translate all of the beautiful sites and things she’d been seeing. She credits that experience to helping her realize her desire to capture stories from all across the globe.

Erin joined Koi-Fly Creative as an intern over four years ago, following her freshman year of college. Since then, she has assisted across multiple areas of production, including pre-production, PA work, behind the scenes (BTS) photographer, and editing. During this time, Erin worked closely with Producers and the Director of Content, learning the intricacies and detail of what goes into a film production. There, she found that she really loves concepting ideas for clients and being on set.

She has now officially joined the team as an Associate Producer and is excited to jump into Koi-Fly’s heavy production schedule. When she’s not making cool videos, Erin is either traveling, running, taking photographs, or attempting to do all three at once.


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