Morgan is a graduate of Temple University where she gained her degree in Journalism. Originally, she had her heart set on a career in news and television, until she landed an internship at ASR Media Productions. Here is where she got introduced to the world of creative storytelling through visuals and special effects. She dove into every aspect of a project head first and never turned back.

Throughout Morgan’s life, she’s been documenting her trips around the globe and editing the content into videos just for fun. She had no idea she could make video editing into a career until her senior year of college. The job search kicked into high gear with a few bites here and there, but nothing got locked down. After several months came and gone, it was not until Morgan’s brother came across the Assistant Editor position for Koi-Fly Creative while scrolling through his college’s job page. Thanks to her brother, she finally found her new home at Koi-Fly.

Since Morgan’s first day at Koi-Fly, we put her right in to the hustle and bustle multiple projects which were going on in the company. She ran the audio on shoots, edited projects like a before and after video, DASH videos, and graphic icons, and assisted on drone shoots.

Her favorite project she’s done so far is The Dash: 5 Questions to Ask Before Drafting A Content Marketing Strategy. Morgan got to create some quirky graphics and implement a catchy tune to edit and create the fun-loving informational DASH video.

Going forward at Koi-Fly, Morgan wants to keep learning more shortcuts and tricks when it comes to editing, contributing more with color and expanding her creativity when editing a story.

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