The Challenge

All over the country, the graduating classes of 2020 missed out on the traditional graduations, proms, and the fun events that make senior year memorable. Even though the graduating class couldn’t be together like past classes, the leaders of Malvern Preparatory School were challenged to find a way to make the seniors’ last couple weeks of high school a time to remember.

However, the challenge wasn’t simply to execute these events, but it was to also share them with friends and family who would normally attend but couldn’t because of COVID-19.

The Solution

Malvern Prep reached out to Koi-Fly Creative asking for innovative solutions to turn their decades-long end-of-year traditions virtual. They had multiple events for both their 8th grade and 12th grade graduating classes that they were determined to execute, even during a state-mandated quarantine. 

Koi-Fly Creative recommended that Malvern Prep marketing department utilize Koi-Fly Live, the best way to make your virtual events stress free and feel as in person as possible. We transformed 3 of their would-be in person events into Koi-Fly Live events: 

  1. Their Baccalaureate Senior Mass
  2. Their Ride Ring Road (the in-vehicle, social distancing version of graduation)
  3. And their 8th Grade Mass

Baccalaureate Senior Mass

This event was executed in what we call “Live to Tape,” where we record the event before we want it to go live so we can quickly edit out any mistakes, then push it out live full of custom graphics, lower thirds, and professional transitions to make the event enjoyable and engaging to watch.

Production Specs

  • Director
  • PTZ Camera Operator
  • 2 Technical directors
  • Sound Mixer
  • 2 PTZ cameras
  • 1 locked off Red Digital Cinema camera
  • Professional lighting and audio
  • 4k HDD Recorder
  • BlackMagic Switcher
  • Built in Custom Graphics
  • Licensed music rolled into the live stream 



Ride Ring Road Event

The Ring Road is a popular long driveway that circles the Malvern Prep campus – they used this path to have a social-distancing-stay-in-your-car version of Senior Graduation Pep Week. This was a fully LIVE event.  

Production Specs

Red Camera

  • Technical Director
  • Producer
  • Associate Producer
  • Live Footage Drone Operator
  • 3 Camera Ops
  • 2 PTZ Cameras
  • Sony Camera
  • Live Drone footage
  • Skype feed
  • Nat Sound
  • Built in Graphics


8th Grade Mass

The 8th Grade Mass was recorded prior to going live with two mobile Sony cameras to get different, unique angles of the event. We then took care of the technical side of going live by using our software so it was a stress-free and engaging experience for both Malvern Preps’ marketing department and their viewers. 

Production Specs


Director of Photography

Associate Producer

Production Assistant

Audio Engineer

Two Sony Cameras


The Results

The events were widely recognized, especially the Ride Ring Road Event, by parents, family, and alumni as being inspirational and uplifting. The overall experience increased brand awareness, following and online engagement that Malvern Prep wouldn’t have attained otherwise through their traditional private, in-person event.  

But most importantly, these Koi-Fly Live innovations and brilliant minds of Malvern Prep made the students feel truly special. Malvern Prep is determined to continue its newest tradition of the Ride Ring Road event for years to come.


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