In light of increased travel restrictions and social distancing, many folks are quickly pivoting from in-person experiences to online events — some for the very first time.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to produce a virtual event that hooks an audience and provides real value. And great live streaming requires deep experience.

Corporations of all sorts are increasingly choosing to broadcast live corporate events. Today, live streaming and online video are increasingly essential to modern business. Whether for product launches, conferences, meetings, and other events, companies of all kinds can do successful live streaming on a website, intranet or social media platforms.


The Time Is Now. The Place Is – Wherever You Want!

Any event can be attended online. Live streaming offers a way for you to do that and to continue to engage with your audience while social distancing.  

Koi-Fly can provide turn-key services for small and large productions. We deliver live HD quality video to computers, smart phones, tablets and set-top boxes such as Roku and Apple TV. Then we will send you the fully edited event video. 


Live Broadcasting vs. Video Conferencing

The word “live streaming” is often used as an umbrella term that can encompass anything from a Zoom meeting over WiFi on your laptop to an Instagram concert streamed over your phone’s network.

When deciding which type of live stream to utilize, determine if it is better suited as a video conference, a live broadcast, or a mix of the two.




When creating a live event you should think about what type of audience you are reaching out to. Is it a defined audience or a wider scope? In other words, is this a private, secure event or will it be available to anyone and everyone?

Are you incorporating a distributed workforce –  all over the country or the world? No prob.

Make sure you consider the below:

  • Connectivity: Chances are your company ‘s office WiFi is better than what you have at home. Check your speeds and, when possible, use a wired connection.
  • Capture: How will your audience enjoy your content? Think about what cameras and mics you’ll use, and how you’ll bring in remote guests to your virtual event.
  • Encode: What software will you use to bring your event into the internet ether? 
  • Distribute: Where will your virtual event live? Think about whether you’ll want to secure the content (like with SSO), or spread far and wide (think simulcasting).
  • Engage: A beautiful viewing experience is only part of what makes a great virtual event. Audience engagement tools like live Q&A, polls, and chat can further create a memorable event. 



Deep Experience

When in doubt, call the experts. The Koi-Fly team has been doing this for years. We will make it a breeze. And you can trust that we know what we are doing. 

Koi-Fly’s Founder, Eric LaCasse and Director of Content, Leslie Schmidt will make you feel confident that your event is in good hands. They have years of experience in various types of video production and deep knowledge of Live Event broadcasting of all shapes and sizes.


In Studio & On the Road

Koi-Fly has a fully tricked out studio in West Chester, PA if you want to broadcast from our location. BUT all Live Streaming equipment is portable and can be set up quickly to create a studio anywhere! Using the power of social media, you can boost your event beyond the physical venue to a large, global audience. It is possible to stream to Facebook, YouTube, Livestream, Twitch and any other platform you desire. 

From single-camera web chats to high-profile multi-camera shows, we have the expertise and equipment to bring your ideas to life – including robotic cameras so presenters don’t even need to be in the same room with the crew.

That’s it! You’re well on your way to streaming success. We hope that this post has offered a solid overview of the options you have to broadcast live corporate events. Reach out to if you have more questions about live streaming today. 

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