In 2020, businesses have had to rework how they speak with their employees and audiences more than ever before. Even though the government mandate to stay at home is lifted, the trend of ordering online, working from home, and attending virtual meetings and events is going to stay strong. 

Live stream can be complicated — and you don’t always have time to focus on the tech and production, especially if you’re creating the amazing content and messaging that’s going into the final product. That’s why Koi-Fly Creative launched Koi-Fly Live

No matter your need, company size or budget, we want to be a resource for you to find answers and deliver the content your audience and employees need to see. 

Today, let’s talk about the differences between Koi-Fly Live and a typical online video conference software like Zoom or Google Meet. It’s our job to give you the tools and knowledge to make the right decision on what’s going to be best for your end product. 

The Contenders

Video meeting tools including Zoom, Webex, and Google Meet, can be great to use. These tools use two-way audio and video communication between participants. They’re great for small, internal meetings that are more discussion-based. 

Koi-Fly Live has the ability to use Zoom with our professional live stream production, but we can do so much more and know the issues those platforms can have. 


Comparing Professionalism

Online meeting platforms tend to have a more amateur feel. The platform doesn’t have much opportunity for custom assets to be inserted into the video stream. Koi-Fly Live can be fully customizable. Depending on your needs, we can utilize professional audio and video so it looks more like a news broadcast or commercial than it does a video conference. We can also design custom lower thirds, graphics, and powerpoints that our technical director can display on cue so that you, the presenter, can focus on presenting.


Live Stream, with lower third graphic:
Video Conference….

You’re Muted Kevin!! 

The biggest challenge we see with typical online meeting platforms to hinder professionalism is user error. Have you ever been on a Zoom call and someone is called on to speak but all you can see is their mouth moving? Then everyone at once says, “You’re muted, Kevin! You’re muted!” Then, of course, Kevin (making this name up, here) panics and searches for the microphone button.

“Kevin, it’s on the bottom of your screen! Look at the bottom,” another Zoom caller might add. 

Kevin’s face turns from panic to delight and you know he’s found the key. He unmutes his mic, begins talking, but he’s completely forgotten his train of thought because of those precious few seconds turned into a rush of troubleshooting. We’ve seen user error issues like this with joining on the call, teams not being muted when they aren’t talking which adds excess noise, and don’t even get us started on sharing screens!

With Koi-Fly Live, these issues disappear because the technical director has full control over who joins, whose turn it is to speak and be on screen, and what graphics come in when. We review with the client during pre-production a full run-of-show so we know exactly what’s going to happen when. 

Audience Size

Video conferencing is great for one-to-one or one-to-some meetings, but they are not sustainable for larger audiences. Because we have professional-grade equipment, servers, and memory, Koi-Fly Live allows for several presenters to go live at once to literally thousands of viewers.


Many times, if you go live using online software, you can only stream to a single platform, such as Facebook and are subject to that platform’s limitations. Koi-Fly Live allows you to stream to as many platforms as you’d like – it’s called simulcasting. We can help you set up your stream to go on a custom website landing page, your company’s intranet, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube all at once.

Wifi + Bandwidth

Streaming through Zoom or Google Meet can be tricky depending on location and internet connection. With Koi-Fly Live there is no need for wifi especially if all the presenters are remote, all they need is a 5G connection and we’ll handle the rest. 


Zoom has gotten some criticism around its security flaws. I’m not going to go into detail, but the hacking that has been going on has been nothing less than traumatic. This disappears with Koi-Fly Live and its added security measures such as single sign-on options. 

Audience Interaction

While Zoom does allow for chat and discussion, there’s a huge risk for technical user error, as we’ve explained above, and it’s awkward to the viewer when the presenter is pausing to navigate through the chat to find a thoughtful question asked by a viewer. Koi-Fly Live is able to provide a producer along with a technical director to navigate all this for you. The opportunities to interact with your audience are endless. 

Think of Zoom as one big chat where the “listeners” have almost just as much control over the meeting as the “presenters.” They can mute unmute themselves to join in on the conversation which isn’t always helpful. 

Koi-Fly Live is like a broadcast, where there can be one or several presenters broadcasting to the audience giving the presenter and his or her team much more control over the run-of-show. We can enable chat which allows the viewers to ask their questions there and the producer or technical director can relay the best questions to the presenter through an earpiece, or even live on air. 

What Koi-Fly Live can also do is, like a radio show, allow a participant to join in on the live and ask their question via video. Then when their question is answered, the technical director can then pause their video and move on to the next viewer. These are just a couple ways on how presenters can interact with their audiences.

So what’s best for you?

The Koi-Fly team loves Zoom for small internal meetings – it gives you pretty much everything you’d want. There’s not a huge need for aesthetics or worry about how you’re presenting yourself (apparently). However, if you and your team want to step up your game in presentations to your employees, stakeholders, or customers through a custom experience and a classy, modern, professional look, Koi-Fly Live is a must-have. 

Live streaming has so many benefits and doesn’t have to be complicated. Just bring your ideas and goals, Koi-Fly Live will handle the rest. 

Learn more about our live streaming solutions by contacting us. 


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