A Koi-Fly Intern Interview with Chris Logan Harley, DP

As an intern at Koi-Fly Creative, I’ve had the opportunity to assist with all aspects of production. This internship has allowed me to grow both creatively and professionally, with mentors encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and expand my knowledge of production.

With a focus in screenwriting at Temple University, I knew little about what it takes to be a gaffer, and how intricate lighting a set or interview can be. Curious, I decided to conduct an interview with Chris Logan Harley, a talented director and DP that’s worked closely with Koi-Fly Creative. During that interview, he taught me lots of exciting things about lighting! Here are some takeaways:

  1. Rembrandt lighting is a sub-technique of portrait lighting, where a small triangle appears underneath a subject’s eye, much like that of a Renaissance painting.
  2. The three-point lighting system can be manipulated and changed to give a gaffer endless possibilities of lighting a scene or a subject.
  3. For those of us on a budget, foam core can be our best friend. This cheap piece of equipment allows for quick lighting adjustments, or can even create different types of lighting altogether.

Watch full interview below.

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