Whether you’re holding your annual retreat, a fundraiser or a virtual graduation, engage with any audience in a remote world, all around the world. 


Live Stream
Like a Pro


Partner up and share your event goals with a Koi-Fly Live expert. No need to meet in person. Your professionally produced, custom-crafted virtual experience will dazzle your audience.

Collaborate with an Expert


We Produce. We Suggest. You Select. From recommending a streaming platform to using a cinematic camera & lighting that showcases your best side, we determine the best options for making your live stream a success. Designers create your branded graphics while live TV producers craft a full “run of show” and script. Remote or in-person set design available to bring your vision to life.

Creative Planning & Design


Link(s) are provided to share with your audience for access to the live stream event. Choose onsite or contactless setup of all the cameras, sound, lighting and technical equipment.

Directors will load graphics into the switcher and rehearse with the presenter to ensure your event will be a hit.

Set Up for Success


Your Koi-Fly Live event oozes style and professionalism with custom graphics and pre-recorded video baked right into your live stream. No more fumbling with your presentation. Your audience will easily access your streamed event on the platform of your choice. Interact with your audience with polls, live chats, Q&A’s and more!

Choose 100% remote, partially remote, or all live and all on location.

Execute & Go Live!


If you can dream it, 
we can stream it.


Designing events that entertain audiences and encourage engagement in a remote world 

Live streaming refers to the broadcast of live video content over the internet. Livestream broadcasts are not edited like traditional video content; however, Koi-Fly Live offers many of the same features that a traditional broadcast would – like custom graphics, branding and multiple camera views built in. What’s even cooler? We can record your live stream, polish it up by taking out all the "ums" and "likes" and repurpose it for any of your social media platforms so it’ll live forever.

What is Live Streaming?

Video live streams are rapidly being accepted as the best alternative to face to face communication. By broadcasting live, you can connect and engage with audiences in real time, create an engaging and inclusive experience and even monetize your events without the limitations of video casting software like Zoom. Because today’s social media platforms are pushing their live stream capabilities, they’ll actually send your followers a push notification once you go live! That means increased brand awareness and engagement in your event.

What are the benefits of Live Stream?

Your live stream video can be broadcast on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram as well as on your website, custom landing page or internal, password-protected website.

Where can I broadcast
my live stream?

Looking for support in getting started with live streaming? Koi-Fly live is here to help you determine the appropriate equipment, technical support and production support needed for your next event.
Contact us for more information.

How do I get started?

- Wade Walton

Their personal and energetic approach to working with clients is second to none, and their level of professionalism is truly remarkable. As a longtime video director I've worked with this team recently on small- and large-scale productions and they've crushed it... every single time. Check their website for some examples of the high impact content this group produces; I cannot recommend them highly enough."

“Koi-Fly Creative is an impressive group of content creatives who deliver amazing results and are incredibly easy to work with. 

Live Stream Client, Avantor

- Allison Hall

has never been more evident than during this pandemic. They have enabled us to create virtual events and communication videos that have been extremely valuable and well received. Koi-Fly is one of the best vendors we’ve ever been able to partner with!”

“Their creativity, professionalism, and ability to deliver a high quality product 

Live Stream Client, Malvern Prep

- Rhett Hinze

both live-to-tape and live-interactive with an audience. From prep days through broadcast, the Koi-Fly team worked with our internal teams to deliver a great experience for our audience. Couldn’t be more pleased with the experience and the work produced, and I’d definitely use them again."

“We worked with Koi-Fly on two live streamed events. 

CFO, Bravo Group Agency

- John Castleman

to think in the same way: How can we do something impactful for our clients proactively that will make their world a little better?"

“I used your approach to encourage our team

Live Stream Client, CEO of Mobiquity, Inc.

- Charles Keating

They were incredible to work with and extremely accommodating. They were very professional and detailed. The final product was AMAZING!! We received so many compliments on the production value from the streaming. Everything from the sound, clarity, and presentation was top notch!! Thank you Koi-Fly for making this such a positive experience in such a crazy time!"

“I couldn’t be more impressed with Koi-Fly Creative!

Bishop Shanahan Highschool


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