At Koi-Fly, some of our favorite projects over the years have included drone footage. We use drone videography to capture everything from concerts to conferences. For our clients, it can help create incredible marketing content and make an impact on your audience in a matter of seconds. 

As drones have continued to evolve technologically, live streaming drone footage is now incredibly popular. We’re BIG fans. Why? Check out our top four favorite things about live streaming with a drone, below.

Malvern Prep Graduation Live Stream

We have to hand it to Malvern Prep for pulling out all of the stops to ensure the class of 2020 had a graduation experience, even if it had to be from their cars!  The high school setup multiple stations around their beautiful campus loop where seniors stopped and greeted teachers, faculty and others who were with them in their high school journey. Each station was manned with cameras capturing the socially distant interaction between the students and the Malvern Prep faculty – all linking back to the main switcher our technical director was controlling in the main building.

What made this virtual graduation unique was the use of virtual live stream drone footage. The Malvern Prep team saw it important to highlight the magnitude of these event efforts while showcasing the beauty of the Malvern Prep campus. The view from above provided a live look at the school and campus, giving everyone viewing from home a greater appreciation for the setting. 

Benefits of Using a Drone to Live Stream your Event:

1. Everyone loves a view from above!

Why do we love views from mountain tops, skyscrapers or planes so much? They offer perspective and an opportunity to have a greater appreciation for what is in front of you.

Live streaming with a drone provides a birds-eye view that allows people to have a greater appreciation for what they are watching or the event they are currently a part of.

2. Make an Impact

Ever watch a parade or protest where the video just gets further and further away, panning out, as the crowd just continues on and on? That view of the full picture makes an impact. Likewise, conferences and performances can use drone footage to paint the full picture for viewers or offer unique camera angles that make the content being streamed that much more powerful.

Even if the drone isn’t high in the sky, manipulating a drone camera’s location low to the ground, focusing on a human subject, gives the viewer a dynamic presentation getting them to question, “How’d they do that?!”

3. Showcase Something

Use drone footage to highlight a sponsor’s booth at an event to attendees live! You can also use drone footage with graphic overlays to showcase sponsor logos or event details. Pump up the production value of keynote speakers or artistic performances by live streaming with a drone and offering unique, high quality, views of the event.

4. Create Insane Marketing Materials with Footage

One of our favorite parts about using drones to live stream comes after the event. While pouring over the footage there are always a few moments where everyone watching gets excited about what was captured. It’s those moments that can create incredible marketing materials for future use.

In conclusion, live streaming, like most things, is just better with a drone.

If you’re interested in learning more about our industry-leading Koi-Fly Live solutions or drone footage, contact us.


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