Live streaming isn’t necessarily new. Sure, many of the brands we know and love have been connecting with audiences through webinars for years now, but the pandemic has really pushed everyone to adapt and improvise in finding unique new ways to pull things off.

While it remains unclear when social distancing will come to a full stop, the success many brands have had with live streaming may signal its place as a permanent and valuable tool for brands in their commitment to seamless engagement. Not to mention that many feed algorithms favor live content, allowing users to get their messages out quite effectively.

If you are adding live stream to your marketing mix, follow this simple checklist for success:
  • Create a content calendar and an agenda to keep your sessions on track.
  • Effectively promote the session or event through your channels.
  • Make sure you have strong internet or wifi access to avoid any buffering or connectivity issues.
  • Limit distractions during streaming so you can focus solely on your audience.
  • Test a variety of platforms to find out where your audience is engaged.
  • Pause your presentation so you can engage with users by addressing comments through chats.
  • Follow up with users by providing a post-stream recording, and making it available for those who couldn’t join in.

Seems simple enough, right? Look, we all know brands that have difficulty letting go will certainly struggle. And that’s ok. But what better time to pivot and learn how to be agile, and willing to test and learn along the way. There’s no better way to galvanize your champions, widen your reach, and find new ways to create valuable experiences that don’t require a huge investment in technology or production.

With work from home and social distancing measures put in place, more end users have been consuming more digital content than ever. Streaming consumption increased 73% from February to March 2020 as we moved into quarantine. Facebook alone saw a 50% increase in the number of users watching live stories, from cooking tutorials to fitness classes to bedtime stories, it seems like we’re finding something new to help us every single day.

Not convinced yet that a pandemic pivot can work in your favor? Here are a few pretty solid examples of simple ways to keep customers engaged from the couch.

Innovative Product Launches

Nissan streamed the launch of its 2016 Maxima at the New York auto show. Frito Lay’s Doritos launched their new Doritos Roulette product.General Motors became the first auto brand to livestream on Facebook when it rolled out the Chevy Volt EV at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Influencer Outreach, And Then Some

Nestlé’s Drumstick did a sponsored event to reach out to early Periscope influencers to create their own content and promote with sponsored tweets. All personalized content was supplemented with logger hosted/partner-hosted streams.

Live Events Like Never Before

Anything including presentations, talks, conferences, press conferences, performances, concerts, tours, and demos, the world is yours to play with. GE used drones equipped with Periscope to give guided tours through remote facilities as a part of #Droneweek. Taco Bell,Red Bull and Mountain Dew have also used it for events. U2 and Spotify have streamed live musical performances, including a Dunkin Donuts summer music effort across seven platforms, including Periscope and Spotify.

Backstage Passes + Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses

The Madden video games series used live video to get behind-the-scenes coverage of players and then share it with fans. The Tonight Show used Facebook Live to show its fans behind-the-scenes footage of the show. And in lieu of NY Fashion Week, designers like DKNY, Tory Burch and Marc Jacobs have all used it to preview their new lines.

Tutorials for Help at Home

Bon Appétit Magazine’s Test Kitchen crew produced “The BA Test Kitchen Variety Show,” straight from their own kitchens, to engage with those stuck at home, and to raise money for COVID-19 related causes like providing fresh meals to those in need, putting restaurants back to work, and feeding frontline healthcare workers. And then there’s the DIY queen herself, Martha Stewart, who paired up with The Home Depot to create a live tutorial on how to make Christmas ornaments. Like I always say, it’s never too early for tinsel, am I right?

There are many benefits to live streaming, but in unpredictable times like these, it’s really become the marketing tool of choice for many businesses affected by lockdown measures. With mobile devices readily on-hand for most consumers, live streaming is extremely accessible, easy to use, and a great tool for real-time engagement. It also has the ability to introduce a brand to a global internet audience that may not have been reachable previously. For more info on how to live stream like a pro reach out to us at Koi-Fly Live. We would love to help you pivot to a virtual event seamlessly.

At the end of the day, streaming video is a powerful tool in the marketing toolbox. Are you ready? Your audiences certainly are. 



How to Refresh and Repurpose Your Content

How to Refresh and Repurpose Your Content

We’ve learned a heck of a lot about ourselves this year. Like many of you, the gang here at Koi-Fly learned to pivot, and found new ways to stay agile and raised the bar of remote productivity along the way. It’s been challenging, exhausting and even a bit invigorating. 

Cell phones and computers have been utilized this year more than any time ever before. While you might be saying  “duh Koi-Fly… I knew that!!” maybe you are in search of a time tested game plan to film footage and create cool content to show up on those phones and computers. Or you might be saying, “I have a ton of user generated content and internal footage that I am not sure how to get out in the world in a professional, strategic and branded way.”  Perhaps you even want to beef up your online presence and drive your brand’s performance to new levels of success and filming new footage could be not feasible in this current world.

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