As I am about to finish the final semester of my college career, I am sadly coming to terms with the fact that my days as a Koi-Fly Creative intern are behind me. To be perfectly honest, I am not too sure how I ended up at Koi-Fly. I am a management major at a small, liberal arts college. Video production had never crossed my mind prior to researching this internship. When I first saw the words ‘creative content studio,’ I had no idea what they meant, but I somehow pushed myself out of my comfort zone and applied.

With a resume lacking any sort of (what I thought was) relevant experience, I was surprised that I was even offered an interview. Nevertheless, I was, and I magically convinced Shelly (Koi-Fly’s Lead Marketing Strategist/my interviewer) that I was worthy of being a Koi-Fly Creative Summer Intern, and she bought it!

Now, seven months after my first day at Koi-Fly, I can’t thank Shelly enough for the opportunity that she gave me.

What did I learn through Koi-Fly’s Internship Program?

First and foremost, I learned that Koi-Fly is not just a production studio. Yes, they produce beautiful video content for their clients, but they can also provide them with a variety of other services, such as strategic marketing plans and analytical market research. This is where I found my niche within Koi-Fly. The flexibility of the Koi-Fly internship allowed me to mainly focus on a variety of marketing projects, while also getting a taste of the production aspect of the company. As an intern, I was thoroughly taught and then able to competently carry out marketing-based projects on my own for both Koi-Fly and their clients. A few of my main projects over the summer included potential client research, conducting social media audits, and assisting with the creation of full marketing strategies for clients. The marketing side of my internship experience was really where I got to showcase my talents as a management major while also learning and gaining great field experience.

Now let’s talk about the production side of things.

The first day I got to Koi-Fly, I was totally lost when they started talking about materials they needed for a shoot. I just sat there and politely nodded as foreign terms like ‘the RED’ and ‘C-stands’ were thrown around*. Fast forward to my second day as an intern, and I am suddenly a production assistant on a shoot. I knew nothing at the beginning of that day, but the Koi-Fly crew took me under their wing and patiently answered all of my questions. I would especially like to thank the other interns, who all had a production background, for helping me get the hang of the whole PA gig. Looking back at my time at Koi-Fly, many of my favorite days were spent as a PA on shoots, so I am extremely happy that I got to briefly be a member of their production team.

One of my favorite parts of the internship experience was getting to work on the Intern Project. During this summer-long assignment, we were tasked with creating a video that focused on Koi-Fly as a company. Not only did this give us real-life experience on things like budget and proposal creation, but it allowed us to have our own time to be creative and have total ownership of a project. The best part of the Intern Project for me was seeing how knowledgeable and skillful the other interns were about production.

I could truly ramble on and on about Koi-Fly and what I learned as an intern, but my favorite part about it was waking up every morning and being excited to go into an office of amazingly talented and passionate individuals. I know this is not something that all interns at different companies get to experience, so I am very grateful.

My main take away as a Koi-Fly intern is to step out of my comfort zone more often because I found that I love it there! (I loved it so much that I decided to go back as an intern for some time during my winter break.)


*I later learned that the RED is a type of camera, and C-stands are used for lighting!



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