Just like Nick Fury, Koi-Fly’s CEO Stacey Grant found and compiled a team with incredibly diverse strengths. It takes deep collaboration between our Avengers core team and our army from Wakanda  of freelancers to defeat Thanos output the content we create and care so deeply about.

From the power of the truth serum to the power of video editing magic, we’re proud of what we accomplish in the field and in the studio.

In honor of Avengers Endgame, we wanted to introduce you to our team of core superheroes. Comment below on your favorite!

Nick Fury Stacey Grant

Nick Fury Stacey Grant is one of the main interlinking characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at Koi-Fly Creative. Nick Stacey is a master strategist and an astute judge of character. He She uses these talents to great effect in his her leadership of S.H.I.E.L.D. at Koi-Fly.

Captain America Eric LaCasse

Captain America Eric LaCasse always gets the job done and done right. He has a strong moral compass. Even when presented with moral dilemmas, he always tries to do the right thing, even when doing so is difficult. Captain America Eric LaCasse stands up for what he believes in, shuns the limelight, and consistently protects his team.

Peter Quill Leslie Schmidt

Rogish, charming, and courageous, Peter Leslie will get down and dirty to complete his her mission. While he’s she’s a shameless opportunist, deep down Peter Quill Leslie Schmidt is a good person with a solid set of priorities. He’s She’s loyal to his her friends and will risk his her life and freedom to protect the Galaxy brand.

Groot Dave

Sweet and loyal, Groot Dave is the person the rest of the group looks to for a laugh. While he’s not the most verbose hero, Groot Dave still finds ways to express himself like giving flowers to (his) two little girls and going out of his way to be helpful. Groot Dave is a ray of playfulness, decency, and compassion for those around him. 

Black Widow Shelly

Confident, in both her intelligence and physical ability, the Black Widow Shelly is one of the world’s greatest fighters, able to spar opponents with (seemingly) superhuman abilities. She’s resourceful, practical, and doesn’t back down. Along with being a skilled fighter, she also is the go-to in the office for technology and interrogation techniques. 

Vision Nicole

Vision Nicole was created with immense powers – all to help humanity, not destroy it. He’s She’s analytical, thoughtful, reserved, and polite. He She prefers to think through all possible options then allow the most logical path. 

Ant Man Morgan

Though small in size, Ant Man Morgan has shown to be an asset to the Avengers Koi-Fly team. Ant Man Morgan uses her superpowers to shrink to roughly the size of an ant and back when she needs to (like, for Cheerleading). Ant Man Morgan is an animal lover, tolerator of insects, and possesses advanced knowledge of electronics. 


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