Infiniti x Hungry Pigeon

Client: Infiniti, Philadelphia Magazine

Producer/Director: Leslie Schmidt

Director of Photography: Chris Logan Harley

Aerial Videography: Eric LaCasse

Executive Producer: Stacey Grant

AC: Eric LaCasse

Grip: Eric LaCasse

Gaffer: Zachary van heel

Sound: Nate Attias

Director of Production: David Bisson

Philadelphia and Boston Magazines approached us with an enticing offer: develop a four part web series for their client, Infiniti. The goal? To target hyper local communities by highlighting influencers within those groups who are giving back to their community and leaving a legacy their own way.

Infiniti had the campaign. Philadelphia and Boston Magazines had the platform. Koi-Fly Creative had the story and video expertise.


Video would be the best way to highlight both the influencer, in this case, Hungry Pigeon Co-Owners Pat O’Malley and Scott Schroeder, and how they use their Infiniti vehicle on a daily basis. Glamour shots of the all-new 2019 QX50 showed the luxury and performance of Infiniti’s newest release.

Shot on RED Scarlet Dragon. Aerial Shots by DJI Inspire 2.

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