Long Live the Mish

Client: The Mishawaka

Director/DP: Andy Schwartz

Cinematography: Eric LaCasse

Aerial Cinematography: Eric LaCasse

EP: Stacey Grant

Editor: Andy Schwartz

The Mishawaka is a 100 year-old music venue nestled in the Poudre Canyon, north of Denver, Colorado. The Mish, as it quickly became known, was founded in 1916 as a canyon hideaway for family, friends and community to come together to play and listen to music while soaking in the beautiful sounds and sights of the canyon itself. Through nearly as many twists and turns as the Poudre River itself, Mishawaka has become one of the top outdoor music venues in the US, hosting many big name artists across all genres. Today, the Mish remains a humble, special place to visit. A standing testament of our common, ancient desire to celebrate life through music amongst the stars. The Mish holds true to its roots of music, community, family and friends. A century-old Mishawaka is a rarity in our modern age, and this is its story.
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