Mindfulness Matters

Client: Pax Tandon

Executive Producer: Stacey Grant

Producer: Pax Tandon

Creative Producer: Leslie Schmidt

Director of Photography: Chris Logan Harley

Director of Photography: Andy Schwartz

Assistant Camera: Eric LaCasse

Writer: Pax Tandon

Writer: Andy Schwartz

Line Producer: Nicole Monte

Associate Producer: Shelly Maxwell

Production Manager: David Bisson

Gaffer/Production Assistant: Peter Prokop

Production Intern: Erin Versaggi

Production Intern: Cara Au Yong

Editor/Colorist/VFX: Eric LaCasse

Narration: Pax Tandon

Special Thanks
Shamsher and Bajendra Tandon

Mindfulness is a choice – and we want to spread the word. In collaboration with author and mindfulness advocate Pax Tandon, we are proud to present our most recent short film, Mindfulness Matters.

The creative team aimed to juxtapose the chaos of our current technological environment with a life focused on mindfulness, breath, and pause. To do this, we utilized Kowa Anamorphic Lenses and a warmer, welcoming color technique to symbolize openness and breath while for the more chaotic scenes, we took advantage of our favorite RED Pro Prime Lenses and a cooler color tone to symbolize a more restricted, stressful, and cold environment.

All of the research we have on mindfulness validates its immense power and potential to make us healthier, happier, more loving human beings. The Dalai Lama, one of the smartest and most spiritual humans on the planet, has said that “if we taught every eight-year-old child to meditate, we would eradicate violence from the planet in one generation.”

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