New Vitae Wellness and Recovery

Client: New Vitae

Client: New Vitae

Director: Candace Boissy

DP: Andy Schwartz

Cinematographer: Andy Schwartz

AC: Eric LaCasse

Sound: Matt Martin

EP: Stacey Grant

Gaffer: Zack Frederick

Associate Producer: Shelly Maxwell

Production Manager: Dave Bisson

PA: Cara Au Yong

PA: Peter Prokop

PA: Erin Versaggi

PA: Thad Adams


Post Production

Editor: Eric LaCasse

New Vitae, a wellness and recovery facility located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, is known for offering an abundance of services to their patients. This web series highlights those services, which include action recovery for brain injuries, clinical services, addiction recovery, supported apartment living services, veteran services, and young adult services. Dive into the lives of those who call New Vitae home and learn why it’s such a special place, not only for them but for their families and the community.

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